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First you will need to download (of course) TPWin which can be found in the Craft Editors section the file comes with two utilities a patch maker and a patch installer.

This is a old utility that was first create for the use with TIE Fighter but is very useful when it comes to making shipset.

Or you can download the new ZT Patcher and ZT Maker. A TIE Patch Clone for Win 95. Utility for applying ship patches to games. Updated to run in as a 32 bit Windows 95 native program, which can also be found in the Craft Editors section.

When making a Zt file for a new shipset I recommend you first install a clean install of XwA (Clean meaning a new install with editing).

Next download and install the 2.02 update patch for XwA if you don't already have it you can download it directly from here LucasArts 2.02 patch.

Before you install or edit anything, I suggest you create a new folder copy and name it AllianceOriginal. The copy the XWingAlliance.exe to that folder, know don't touch this you will need it later.

Once this has been done you can edit your Exe to add your custom opts you will need for your new shipset.

Once your shipset is made you can create your *.Zt for it.

Run Patchmaker and you will be greeted with this: -

Press continue and a browser will appear stating Select an unmodified FLIGHT.OVL or Z_TIE__.EXE: -


Pay no attention to the part that say's FLIGHT.OVL or Z_TIE__.EXE. as I said it was first created for use with TIE Fighter, the browser says Select an unmodified *.EXE, so you remember the XWingAlliance.exe you saved to the OriginalXWA folder, this it what you will have to find but first select All Files (*.*): -

Next find your Unmodified version on XWingAlliance.exe this should be (If you have done like I suggested) C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XWingAlliance\AllianceOriginal\XWingAlliance.exe: -


Once found press OK and you will be greeted with another browser which states, Select Modified *.EXE repeat as above but find the Modified exe should be C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XWingAlliance\XWingAlliance.exe: -

Again press OK and another browser will appear stating Save patch as: -


Select the Folder you wish to save it too and name it what you wish, but keep it short, for the example we will save it to C:\ and name it Myship.Zt and press OK.

You will then be greeted with a conformation screen if you agree with what it asks press Yes.

Another screen will appear asking you to Edit Comment, but as this *.Zt file is for a shipset I wouldn't recommend you type anything just leave it blank and press OK.

The utility will start it's process and will take seconds and you should be greeted with a Success! screen, stating where your new *.Zt file has been saved: -

Press Ok and another small screen will appear stating Done, press Ok and that's it you can place this in you new shipset ZT folder.


If your not going to use your newly created *.Zt file in a shipset you will want to know how to install it. First run TIE Patch and you will be greeted with these two screens press Continue


A browser window will appear asking you to Select Patch File your *.Zt file. First select TIECD Patches (*.ZT)

Then select where your *.Zt file is: -


Next it will ask you to select your XWingAlliance.exe, select all files: -

Tie Patch should look like this now: -


If you wish to backup your XWingAlliance.exe check the Make Backup box and press Patch!

You will then be asked where you wish to back up your *.Exe and what you wish to call it, for this example I have called it xwaback.exe and saved it to the XWA Dir. press OK.

It will then go through it's process in seconds and you will be greeted with this: -

and that's it you have successfully patched your game.


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