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For a guide on how to make a Shipsets please refer to the Tutorials
Creating A Shipset For XVT or For XWA

Hellraiser's Shipset launcher 2000, which can be found in the Install, Extract & Shipset Launchers section.

Visual Basic 6 Runtime files (if needed) from the Miscellaneous Files Section.

1. When you first open up Shipset Launcher 2000 (SSL2000.exe), you will be presented with this screen. Click on OK.

Next you will automatically be presented with the Options Menu. If it does not pop up, you'll need to click on the Options button.

2. In the Options Menu, click on the browser button and search for the X-Wing Alliance EXE. More than likely it will be found here:

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XWingAlliance\XWINGALLIANCE.EXE


3. Now here's the tricky part. For some odd reason Shipset Launcher creates its own Shipsets directory that you have to put your shipsets in. You can't put them into your own folder. So if I put Shipset Launcher 2000 into this directory:

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\X-Wing Utilities\Shipset Launcher 2000

4. You must put your shipsets into the directory below. Be sure your Shipset Directory in the Options Menu reflects that.

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\X-Wing Utilities\Shipset Launcher 2000\Shipsets\

5. You have another option to skip the opening cutscenes, if you wish to do so, check the box. You can always go back and uncheck it if you wish.

6. Click on OK. and SSL2K will start.


7. You will notice that the screen is blank, that is because you haven't placed your shipsets *.gob files in the Shipset folder. Do this now. Then click on the Refresh Shipset list button:

[Edit Darksaber] You will probably notice that I have a few more shipsets than you have. Sorry, but I can not distribute them as they are setup for my specific game, so please don't ask, thank you.


1. Select the title of the shipset you want to run.

2. Press the Launch Shipset button to launch the shipset or the Info on Shipset to see the author's name, contact information, and a short blurb.

3. Shipset Launcher 2000 will install the shipset of choice and launch X-Wing Alliance for you. When the Pilot Selection dialog pops up, be sure to select the pilot specified in the shipsets readme file or information. If there was no pilot specified, either select the pilot that you did not create or your own personal pilot.

4. When you are done playing, select Click here when done playing. A dialog box may pop up asking you if you want to keep the pilot that was installed. If you have not finished the shipset, be sure to keep the pilot! If you do not, your saved game data will be destroyed.

Please note that this launcher produces a runtime error on 1 out of about 20 systems after it has finished installing the shipset. If you see a runtime error, please be sure you have the Visual Basic 6 Run Time File installed. If they are installed, no sweat. Just launch XWA manually and make sure to choose the correct pilot. You will be able to play the shipset. When you are done with the shipset, just run Shipset Launcher 2000 again. See HOW to RUN A SHIPSET Step #4 for further instructions.

If you have any more problems, please post on the X-Wing: Alliance Upgrade Project forums and someone will most likely help you out. Be sure to mention that you used this tutorial.

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