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You can save this tutorial on your PC hard drive for reference only.
Treat my work with respect, don't use any part of this tutorial on your website without my permission.

Why this tutorial has been created

This tutorial has been created to explain how you can UV Map any model using Rhinoceros 3D V2.0 and save your project as 3D Studio Max files.

Tool needed

What program you need :
1. Rhinoceros 3D V2.0 or V3.0
2. A UV Mapper program like Lithunwarp. ( I Use Ultimate unwarp 3D V2.04)
3. A paint program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop or any other good Paint program.
4. 3DS to Optech converter V1.0


1. Try to have surface isoparametric line vertical and horizontal.
2. If several face of your model share the same texture use ARRAY POLAR to create all other face.
3. Divide you model into a small group of object and create 3DS file for all of them. (Right wing, left wing, laser turret, nose, tail, engine nozzle, landing pad, launcher...) This will help you when you merge your final 3DS file.
4. Select only one surface when you create your polygon mesh.
5. You can create an LOD using the same techniques.
6. Pay attention the lights in Rhino and in XWA are not the same.

My comments

When I start working with 3D Program like Rhino, Catia V5, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Surfcam,... I love to push the software to the limits and more further if it's possible. I have push Rhino to the limits for this project.


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