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I would like to thanks Ace Antilles for giving me permission to his sounds

First you will need to download (of course) Hellraiser's Shipset launcher 2000, which can be found in the Install, Extract & Shipset Launchers Section.

Next you will need Stealth's XWGob version 3, which can also be downloaded from the Install, Extract & Shipset Launchers section

and XWA Piloteer also available from the Pilot Editors/Viewers section.

When creating a shipset, the recommended way would be to install a fresh version of Xwing: Alliances and and don't forget to install the 2.02 patch and start from there.

If your going to include custom opt's in your new shipset, this would be the time to do that, tutorial's can be found in the help index.

Once you have made your custom missions, place these in the mission directory and edit the mission.lst (use notepad to open this) to include them, I find the best way to do this is as such: -

Start from Battle_8_Header![ Battle 1: Your missions] but delete the rest of the missions which where written in to the Mission.lst file and always start from 9 as in the picture above, By starting at 9 this will allow you to start directly in the briefing room and will miss out the Prologue missions and the Joining the Rebellion missions.

Be sure to rename your missions to start from 1B8M1****.Tie and so on

Note: For this to work correctly the pilot file will have to be edited also, this will be discussed later.


The E-mail.txt is basically the same:-

Again start from 9

9 = indicates which mission the e-mail will first be shown in
!Email_1_ = First e-mail in the list
FROM = From whom the e-mail was sent
HEADER = Email Subject
MSG1 = First message
MSG2 = Second message

and so on

Create an new folder and name it to what your shipset is to be called, again in your new folder make another folder and name it Missions, once this is done copy your custom missions, Mission.lst, Email.txt to your new Missions folder.

Next if you have any custom opt's in your new missions, create another folder and name it Flightmodels, copy only the custom opt's and paste them into your new Flightmodels folder, not forgetting to also copy your edited Spacecraft0.lst, Equipment0.lst and Bitmaps0.lst.


Also if you have custom wave files in your new missions these need to copied from your XwA Wave/MissionVoice folder, it to your new shipset folder. Create a new folder and of course call it Wave, in that folder create another folder and call it MissionVoice again in this folder create another folder and name it to what your wish (i.e. myship).

If you not sure how to add waves to your missions this was written by Ace Antilles (used with permission) and adapted for this example.

What you will need:

AlliED for editing your missions
New WAV files you want to use.
WAV editor GoldWave is very good.

Step One: Create a new mission.

Create a *.TIE mission that you want to add custom sounds into using AlliED. Then add in any messages you want to show up during the mission. This will be when the new sounds will be played. I won't go into how you make a mission because that's a whole different tutorial. Setup the message you will want to appear and when it will appear in the mission. You don't have to have any text appear you can leave it blank but you still must create a message.
When you have completed your mission save it. Give it a name for example 1B8M1mymission.tie and place it in your Alliance mission folder. The default would be XWingAlliance\Missions. Finally add your mission to the Mission.lst file.

Step Two: Placing the custom sounds.

First I suggest associating the LST files with Notepad. Go to your main XWingAlliance directory and if there isn't a folder called Wave create one. In that folder create another folder and name it MissionVoice. This is where the program looks for sounds relating to the mission. Create a folder with the same name as your mission, in this example Myship. Copy the custom WAV files you want to use into the myship folder.

If you have custom wave files for each mission you might want to keep them separate (i.e. myship1, myship2.)

Step Three: Making a LST file.

In the MissionVoice folder create a new Text file and save it as Myship.lst. The LST file MUST be named the same as the folder you placed you custom missions into. This is where you assign a sound to the message you want to use. Next look at your mission and decide which sounds you want to play for which message. Done it, good!
Each line of the List file represents the line the message is on in the mission file. You must point the message to the WAV file you want to assign to it.
For example message 0 says Two fighters against a Star Destroyer and you want it to play Fighters.wav. Line 1 would say:


For message 1 Rebel transports approaching the details would go on the line underneath.


Simple! Just follow this guide to add in the sounds for the amount of messages you have.
If you don't want a message to play add in a line like blank.wav, dummy.wav or silence.wav for example. Then carry on. For example Lines 1 - 3:


You can even use the same WAV file for different messages. Just direct the message back to the WAV file. Example:


Your LST should look something like this: -

You might wish to associate your mission with a different wave folder so each custom mission folder must be renamed the same i.e. myship1(wave folder), myship1.lst. (LST File).

When you've done all that save the file and that's it!

Step Four: Finishing touches.

Play your mission and see if it works! You may need to adjust timing of a message to get it work. For example if message one's WAV plays for 1 minute and message 2 starts 10 seconds after message 1 you might not hear the sound. Also when there are lots of wingman commands going on it also disrupts the timing of custom sounds.


Making a new pilot file is quit simple really, first if you don't already have it download XWA Piloteer from the Files Section. Next chose a pilot file that you have completed all the missions and enables all the craft to be shown in the Craft Database, and copy it to your new Shipset folder. Rename the *.Plt to what ever you wish your pilot to be named.

If you don't already have a pilot file you can download this one My Pilot and use it as a template.

Next open Xwa Piloteer and load your pilot file and edit it like this: -

Remember name the pilot to what you wish you pilot to be called (within 12 characters).

Other files you will need to include are the shiplist.txt, specdesc.txt and strings.txt. These need to be copied to your main New Shipset folder as in the picture below for Chris Walker's EP1 shipset.

More files you could include are the Credits.txt and Fronttxt.txt ONLY IF you have edited them, I won't go into this as it is for the more advance Shipset builder.

Again if you have edited anything in the Frontres folder these need to be added to your shipset, but again I won't go into this as again this is for the more advanced Shipset builder.

Also you if you have added custom opt's to your shipset you will have to create a new folder and name it ZT, place your custom opt stat files, i.e. Myship.zt.

I you don't know how to create a *.Zt file please refer to the TPWin Tutorial


Once you have created your new missions, opts and so on, to be made in to your new XwA shipset, your shipset folder should look something like this.

For this example I will be using Chris Walker's Episode 1 shipset. The shipset can be found at Episode 1 Shipset

Note: DO NOT under any circumstances distribute your modified XWingAlliance.exe! Doing so will violates the license agreement you agreed to when installing X-Wing: Alliance.

For the launcher to work correctly you will need to create pilot file as shown above (Gavin Sykes0.plt) and a patchinfo.txt file. There is a template file included in the zip file when downloaded. The template looks like this: -

Fill in the blanks. The file should then look like this: -


  • The text you enter must start directly after the =

  • The text you enter must not have any carriage returns in it.


Run XWGob and from the Files menu select New Gob: -

A browser box will appear, you then select the folder your new shipset is in as such: -


Select Open and XWGob will now look like this: -

Next press OK and another browser box will appear type in the name of your shipset as such : -

Now press Save and the process will begin, converting your files into a gob file.

Once the process has finished you can place the Episode 1 Shipset - Light.Gob File in to your shipset Dir.


Very easy to do, select the shipset you have just created as such: -

A good idea is to just check the whether the info is correct, so press Info on Shipset. Once you have checked this you can now start your shipset by pressing the Launch Shipset box.

That's it, go and test it, and once tested you can zip it and release it to the public.


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