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First you will need to download (of course) Connors Shipset Launcher, which can be found in the Install, Extract & Shipset Launchers Section.

Next you will need Stealth's XWGob, which can also be downloaded from the Install, Extract & Shipset Launchers Section

I presume once you have created your new missions, opts, waves and so on, to be made in to your new XvT/BoP shipset, place all the modified files in to a new folder as such.

For this example I will be using Scott "Dreagos" Thompson's excellent The Path Not Taken shipset. The shipset can be found at Star Wars: The Path Not Taken

Note: DO NOT under any circumstances distribute your modified Z_xvt__.exe! Doing so will violates the license agreement you agreed to when installing X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and Balance of Power.

Creating the Patchinfo.txt file

For the launcher to work correctly and to recognize which game the shipset is for you have to include a special patchinfo.txt. There is a template (template.txt) patchinfo.txt file included in the zip file when downloaded. The template looks like this: -

Fill in the blanks. The file should then look like this: -


  • You must include a SPACE after the item equal's sign.
  • The first line must be ShipSet-2.00>
  • The values for game = are: -
  • 1 = XvT 1.0
  • 2 = XvT 1.1
  • 3 = XvT 1.1.4
  • 4 = BoP 2.0

For this example The Path Not Taken Shipset is for Balance of Power, so the value of this shipset is game = 4


Run XWGob and from the Files menu select New Gob: -

A browser box will appear, you then select the folder your new shipset is in as such: -


Select Open and XWGob will now look like this: -

Next press OK and another browser box will appear type in the name of your shipset as such : -

Now press Save and the process will begin, converting your files into a gob file.

Once the process has finished you can place the PathNotTaken.Gob File in to your shipset dir

Launching the shipset

Very easy to do, select the shipset you have just created as such: -

A good idea is to just check the whether the info is correct, so press Info. Once you have checked this you can now start your shipset by pressing the Launch X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter box.

That's it, go and test it, and once tested you can zip it and release it to the public.

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