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Darksaber's X-Wing Station

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First open OPTech and create a new OPZ, and as we are working with the X-Wing for now we will call it XwingLOD: -

I'm resuming you have made your Low Res model first, so import it: -

You will notice the Low Res model has five meshes, the Mainhull and four Wings: -

Now save the OPZ: -


Next import the model your using for the High Res model, in this case I'll import the XwingBase.opt: -

Your model will look something like this: -

Now we can start to assign the LOD meshes, so select MESH 1 which is the Mainhull of the Low Res model, next hold down CTRL and right mouse click on MESH 6 which is the Mainhull for the High Res model, this is presuming you have layered both models the same way.


So now it will loo like this: -

Now press the Assign LOD button: -

Once you have pressed the Assign LOD button the Mainhull mesh on the Low Res model will disappear: -


Now switch view's by pressing between the ( High level and Low level) to check the Mainhull mesh from the Low Res model has been assigned: -

Once you have checked switch back the the High level view and again select MESH 1, (you will notice the mesh you have selected is one of the Wings on the Low Res model). Again hold down CTRL and right click on MESH 6 (the High Res wing) and press the Assign LOD button: -


Repeat this for all meshes (the Wing) by selecting MESH 1 and MESH 6 until the Low Res model has completely disappeared, check this but pressing between the High level and Low Level view's: -

Don't to forget to save the OPZ.

Now to set the distance at which each mesh will revert to the High Res model, so using my Guide to LOD Distances as a reference look down the list for the closest craft that represents you model i.e. X-Wing and look at the OPTech Distance list and select the value i.e. 3.571862.

While in the Low Res view select all the Low Res Meshes (CTRL and Right mouse) and paste the value you have chosen into the Cloaking Distance (?) box: -

and Press the Update Button

Save the OPZ and create the Opt, then test in game.

If you are creating a model that has meshes appearing at different distances the values you input will vary, depending on the distance you wish them to appear.


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