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I would like to thank Decoy for giving me permission to post his texture tutorial on my website.

Since DataDroid has asked the same question on about every forum possible and he is beginning to get on my nerves I made this little tutorial so he finally can shut up. The question we are talking about is "how do I make the bubbles you see on the Calamari Cruisers, I know how to do NUR... bla, bla bla, bla, bla...." well pay attention here we go =O)

I'm not going to apply the things to any existing craft, I'm just going to show you the principle on how to do it.....

OK I started by making a guide for my bubble using a polygon with 8 sides (if you want you can use more sides but I wouldn't use anything over 16 sides, since any thing above that will be a waste of faces). What I did was copy the thing a few times and scaled the top 2 by using OSNAP/centre, this way it will be nicely aligned. Also using OSNAP/centre I add a point and move it a bit above the upper polygon. See what I got so far.

OK select all and turn on control points like this

OK now that we have our perimeters set up it's time to make the actual thing. Use OSNAP/point (yes you might want to uncheck centre) choose the following and start making the faces.

While making the faces please do so counter clockwise that way you will be able to see all faces the way they are supposed to be when you do a quick render. If by now you go like "HUH I my faces always turn up OK" it's probably time for you to uncheck the "render backfaces" option in the render settings.

OK well if you are done with that your result should look something like this.

That's your blister, wart, bubble or what ever, select all faces and join them so you will have one object. O yeah while you're at it you can delete the guide figures you won't be needing them anymore.


Now the next thing I did was to copy this thing moved it to an other layer turned it and scaled, this will be our main body on which we will apply the THINGS, I think it resembles the body of a Calamari doesn't it.....

OK lets get our bubble back in here by making it's layer visible again, while we are at it we might as well lock the main body layer like this.

OK all we have to do now is copy the thing rotate the things a bit and put them against the hull. In this case using the front view is the best way, not really that hard now is it. Don't mind the fact that the things are sticking through the main hull it won't show in game.

TA TA CALAMARI EFFECT. Yup this is the way all the big guy's do it. Why you may ask, just because it is the easiest way and it won't take to much faces to get an acceptable end product.


Like I said it's just an idea on how to do it, you can rotate the bubble all you want until you get the wanted result.

Well that's it for now I hope you understand what I had to say if not bad luck because this is all you are going to get =O)


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