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Darksaber's X-Wing Station

Thank you.

Please read the Disclaimer and Copyright.

I would like to Thank Demon for creating BinHexEdit and for all the countless other people involved in creating the Modules to use with this application.

Next if you wish open the Engine Sounds

This will let you edit the various engine noises for the first 65 craft.

"Craft Interior" = The background engine hum
"Craft Flyby" = The sound of a fly-by
"Craft Launch" = A fly-by sound played when leaving the hangar
"Craft Unknown" = Not sure yet, doesn't appear to do anything, mess around with it anyway.

Thanks to Matt

The sounds are
0 = X-Wing
1 = Y-Wing
2 = A-Wing
3 = B-Wing
4 = All the Ties

and so on, I changed the txt file in this module to include all the No. for the ships

For the example the TIE Phantom would sound like the TIE Fighter (4) so scroll down to the first reserved fight slot, you will notice there are 4 Res Fighter 1 slots to change. This is explained above, just change the number already in them to 4.

Remember to save the new settings


These bytes let you edit the S-foil properties of the first 50 craft. It's not as simple as you'd expect it to be. This is NOT ALL of the S-foil information, you still cannot give craft other than the X-wing or B-wing fully working S-foils. This is elsewhere in the EXE, and has yet to be found.

Has S-foils Line:

These is the line that actually activates/deactivates the S-foils. Here's what XWA has as default.

0 - X-wing
1 - B-wing
2 - Missile Boat
3 - Gunboat, Blastboat
4 - Shuttle

The 5 is the important part. It will deactivate ANY S-foil functions of the craft. For craft like the Gunboat and Missile Boat, it will allow them to fire guns in single-player, instead of displaying the "S-foils closed" message.

Changing the B-wing's 1 to 0 didn't appear to affect anything, so I suppose, so for simplicity, use 0 to activate, and 5 to deactivate.

Finally, if you deactivate the s-foils (on the X-wing, for example), but don't change the start mode line, the foils will be closed the entire mission, but weapons can still be fired from them.

Start Mode line:

This is the line that determines what the default setting of your S-foils are. The values here are typically the same as in the Has Foils line.

Setting it to 5 will have the S-foils start opened (on X-wing and B-wing). Anything else will have them start closed.

Note: Setting any of the Bytes to a value greater than 5 will crash XWA!

Again this has nothing to do with installing the TIE Phantom, but it's good idea to tell you about it.


This where the fun starts scroll down to the first Reserve Fighter slot, under the Pursuer (Slave II).


Note: When installing a new craft make sure you enter a number in the Unknown Manoeuvrability box, otherwise the AI craft will fly in a straight line, going now where.

For this I have included the actual Stats from my readme file. Just copy everything as shown below: -

Shield Recharge Rate 20
Unknown Recharge Rate 15
Hyperdrive 1
Gun Convergence Mode 2
Shields 1
Shield Strength 3000
Sensitivity to Enemy Fire 4
Unknown 0
Hull Strength 2100
Unknown Strength 1000
System Strength to Ion Cannon 10
Speed 270
Acceleration Rate 47
Deceleration Rate 74
Unknown Manoeuvrability 40
Roll 50
Pitch 28
Unknown 32767
Score? 900
Cockpit File TiePhantom
1st Laser Type 282
2nd Laser Type 284
3rd Laser Type 0
1st Laser Start Rack 0
2nd Laser Start Rack 2
3rd Laser Start Rack 0
1st Laser End Rack 1
2nd Laser End Rack 4
3rd Laser End Rack 0
1st Laser Link Code 2
2nd Laser Link Code 3
3rd Laser Link Code 0
1st Laser Sequence 1
2nd Laser Sequence 2
3rd Laser Sequence 0
1st Laser Range 0
2nd Laser Range 0
3rd Laser Range 0
1st Laser Fire Ratio 0
2nd Laser Fire Ratio 0
3rd Laser Fire Ratio 0
1st Warhead Type 0
2nd Warhead Type 0
1st Warhead Start Rack 0
2nd Warhead Start Rack 0
1st Warhead End Rack 0
2nd Warhead End Rack 0
1st Warhead Link Code 0
2nd Warhead Link Code 0
1st Warhead Capacity 0
2nd Warhead Capacity 0
Rack 0 X 0
Rack 0 Y 0
Rack 0 Z 0
Rack 0 Cap 0
Rack 1 X 0
Rack 1 Y 0
Rack 1 Z 0
Rack 1 Cap 0
Rack 2 X 0
Rack 2 Y 0
Rack 2 Z 0
Rack 2 Cap 0
Rack 3 X 0
Rack 3 Y 0
Rack 3 Z 0
Rack 3 Cap 0
Rack 4 X 0
Rack 4 Y 0
Rack 4 Z 0
Rack 4 Cap 0
Rack 5 X 0
Rack 5 Y 0
Rack 5 Z 0
Rack 5 Cap 0
Rack 6 X 0
Rack 6 Y 0
Rack 6 Z 0
Rack 6 Cap 0
Rack 7 X 0
Rack 7 Y 0
Rack 7 Z 0
Rack 7 Cap 0
Rack 8 X 0
Rack 8 Y 0
Rack 8 Z 0
Rack 8 Cap 0
Rack 9 X 0
Rack 9 Y 0
Rack 9 Z 0
Rack 9 Cap 0
Countermeasures 6
Cockpit Y POV 17
Cockpit Z POV 20
Cockpit X POV 15
Turret 1 X POV 0
Turret 2 X POV 0
Turret 1 Y POV 0
Turret 2 Y POV 0
Turret 1 Z POV 0
Turret 2 Z POV 0
Turret 1 Orient 1 0
Turret 2 Orient 1 0
Turret 1 Orient 2 0
Turret 2 Orient 2 0
Turret 1 Enable 0
Turret 2 Enable 0
Turret 1 Arc 1 0
Turret 2 Arc 1 0
Turret 1 Arc 2 0
Turret 2 Arc 2 0

Remember to Save these settings.

Now go and fly, If it doesn't work, go back over this checklist and make sure you entered everything properly.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3


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