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I would like to Thank Demon for creating BinHexEdit and for all the countless other people involved in creating the Modules to use with this application.

Open the Module file XWA_ShipEdit.bhe from the project folded and move down to the Opt File Location 1

Scroll down until you come to the first Reserved Fighter slot, this will be indicated by the ID 33 under the Pursuer (Slave II).

Now change the -1 to 0 to indicate which text file the new craft is in Spacecraft01.lst, or replace the -1 to 1 to indicate the Equipment0.lst, for this example though the Naboo was placed in the Spacecraft0.lst

When you have done this you will have to save the new settings, click on File then Write to Binary File > Save Section Modifications Now!

So for the TIE Phantom as you have placed it in the spacecraft0.lst you would enter "0"

This slot indicates which file in \FLIGHTMODELS directory is the file to obtain OPT description. More info can be found in OPTLocation2 comment.





Open Opt File Location 2, and again scroll down to the first Reserved Fighter slot (ID 33). Change the 0 to 154 to indicate the next craft located in the Spacecraft0.lst.

Again when you have done this you will have to save the new settings, click on File then Write to Binary File > Save Section Modifications Now!

The number in this slot minus one is which line to read OPT file description in the file assigned by OPT Location 1.

For example, the 9th line in Spacecraft0.lst is \FLIGHTMODELS\TIEDEFENDER.OPT, so you would see 8 in this slot.

If you replace 8 with 11 in this slot, you would have a T/D disguised as Missile Boat. You can't fly it yet, because the hardpoint info does not match, you need to change a lot of weapon info because T/D has 6 guns and 2 W/Hs while MIS has only 1 gun but 4 W/Hs.

But it's fun to see it in tech library and let you know how this slot works.

There are 154 lines in the original Spacecraft0.lst
159 in the Equipment0.lst respectively.

So, when adding Opts, simply add \FLIGHTMODELS\YOURCRAFT.OPT after the lines already there, and input the number starting 154 (159 for the other file) in this slot.

For example

0 = FlightModels\Xwing.opt
1 = FlightModels\Ywing.opt
2 = FlightModels\Awing.opt
3 = FlightModels\Bwing.opt
4 = FlightModels\TieFighter.opt
5 = FlightModels\TieInterceptor.opt
6 = FlightModels\TieBomber.opt
7 = FlightModels\TieAdvanced.opt
8 = FlightModels\TieDefender.opt

and so on
154 = FlightModels\MyOpt.opt
155 = FlightModels\MyOpt.opt
156 = FlightModels\MyOpt.opt
157 = FlightModels\MyOpt.opt
158 = FlightModels\MyOpt.opt

So for the TIE Phantom enter 154



This slot defines the ship type.

There is a WARNING with this! Some of these values will crash XWA.
Everything beyond 20 gets erroneous names from fronttxt.txt and crashes XWA.

Next open Ship Type, scroll down to ID 33 again and replace the 0 with which ever of the following you wish you craft to be.

Light ships:
0 for Fighter
1 for Shuttle/Light Transport
2 for Utility Craft

Medium Ships:
3 for Freighter/Heavy transport
17 for Container

Heavy Ships:
4 for Starship
5 for Station

6 for Player Projectile
7 for Other Projectile
8 for Accelerator Ring
9 for Satellite/Buoy
10 for Normal Debris
11 for Small Debris
12 for Backdrop
13 for Explosion
14 for Obstacle (Invincible)
15 for Death Star II
16 for People
18 for Droid
19 for Weapon Emplacement/Mine
20 for Large Debris

For this example with the TIE Phantom being a Fighter leave the 0 as it is.

Again save the new settings as stated above.


Open Enable Ships scroll down to ID 33 and change the 2 to 3 to enable the TIE Phantom.

"2" to disable the ship
"3" to enable the ship

Save the new settings as stated above.


This can be a confusing area, but once you scroll down to the first *DontUseMe slot (As shown above) and double click on that slot you will see in the Online Help Window that you can scroll down to see which craft are in which slots and things will become a bit clearer.

This is a list of the slots you can use are:-

30 *StarViper
33 *Reserved Fighter
34 *Reserved Fighter
35 *Reserved Fighter
36 *Reserved Fighter
37 *Reserved Fighter
38 *Reserved Fighter
39 *Reserved Fighter
40 *Reserved Fighter
41 *Reserved Fighter
42 *Reserved Fighter
49 *Reserved Utility
66 *Reserved Shuttle
67 *Reserved Shuttle
68 *Reserved Shuttle
69 *Reserved Shuttle
70 *Reserved Shuttle
86 *Reserved Container
87 *Reserved Container
88 *Reserved Container
89 *Reserved Container
90 *Reserved Container
103 *Freighter Type L
104 *Freighter Type P
108 *Cargo Freighter 4
109 *Cargo Freighter 5
112 *Cargo Tanker 3
113 *Cargo Tanker 4
114 *Cargo Tanker 5
116 *Reserved Freighter
117 *Reserved Freighter
118 *Reserved Freighter
119 *Reserved Freighter
120 *Reserved Freighter
121 *Reserved Freighter
122 *Reserved Freighter
123 *Reserved Freighter
124 *Reserved Freighter
125 *Reserved Freighter
151 *Reserved Starship
152 *Reserved Starship
184 *Reserved Station
185 *Reserved Station
186 *Reserved Station
187 *Reserved Station
188 *Reserved Station
189 *Reserved Station
190 *Reserved Station
191 *Reserved Station

Open the Species Table and Scroll right down until you get to the first *DontUseMe slot ID 184 change the 0 to 33. there is a list of the craft in the online help window which make this easy to understand.

The next craft would be 34 then 35 and so on.

Again save the new settings


This determines which slot a craft will use. this could allow for "doubling-up" of slots. You could have two different ships point to one slot. They will both have the same stats, but you can have them as different ship types and opts.

This is why the Modified Strike Cruiser, in the retail version, has the attributes of the Golan Two.

Like I mentioned above Modified Strike Cruiser needs to be fixed before you can play it in the game.

This has nothing to do with installing the TIE Phantom, but will help to get the Mod Strike Cruiser working correctly.

Open the Species pointer and Scroll right down until you get to the Modified Strike Cruiser, slot ID 141 as shown in the picture. Now change the 163 to 140. that's all you have to do.

Again save the new settings.


Open the Second Weapons Systems window. though this doesn't apply to the TIE Phantom.

It does however apply to larger craft such as Starships. This setting enabled a craft's second weapons system (i.e., superlasers). In general, ships that do not have weapons set in the .exe. 

Fighters and Transports, should have this set to 0

Capships that have either 1 or 2
lasers set (turbo laser's and or super laser's) should be set to 8

Setting this byte to 16 will cause that ship to rotate slowly. 

Such craft as the Weapon Emplacements,  Mine, Buoys and Satellites use this setting.

Again remember to save the new settings.


Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

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