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Please read the Disclaimer and Copyright.

I would like to Thank Demon for creating BinHexEdit and for all the countless other people involved in creating the Modules to use with this application.

If you don't have the 2.02 update patch installed on you system for XwA, I do suggest you download it from LucasArts, or you can download it directly from here Updates and Demos.

Once downloaded click on the xwaupd202.exe to install, it will find the correct directory automatically.

After downloading both the Visual Basic 5 Learning Edition Runtime Files and BinHexEdit, Unzip the VB5LERUN and click on the Setup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions for installing.

Note: BHE will not run unless you have Visual Basic 5.0 Learning Edition Runtime Files installed in your computer already.

Next unzip BinHexEdit and again click on the Setup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions to install.

Go to the folder in which BHE was created in i.e. C:\Program Files\BinHexEdit, in that folder there will be another zip file called "projects", again unzip this, you should have two folders called "Generic" and "OPTPhyzBoP". Don't worry about these the "Generic" files are used to create NEW Modules, but I won't go into that as they are for the more advanced user. The "OPTPhyzBoP" is for use with editing the Balance of Power Game Stats, but as we are editing XwA these don't apply.

It might also be a good Idea to create a short cut link to BHE and place it on your desktop for easier use.

Next download the newest BHE module XWABHE1.3, Unzip it and place the whole folder in the "projects" folder.

OK you should be ready to start, so  "click" on the BHE short cut you have just created, which will open BinHexEdit.

Click on the "files" to bring down the menu bar and press "Open Project" a browser menu will appear, navigate through the directories and find the project called  "xwabhe13" open this and select the file called "XWA_ShipEdit.bhe".

Open this and you will be greeted with this 

Don't worry press "OK" and you will be greeted with this

Again don't worry, read what it tells you then press "OK"

A browser will appear for you to select the correct path for i.e. C:\program files\LucasArts\XWingAlliance, select the XWingAlliance.exe and again you will be greeted with

(Jezz) You may think you have done something wrong, but I can assure you haven't, anyhow press "OK" and you will be greeted with this

Read what it says then press "Yes" and that's it your ready to start installing and editing new opt's.


    1. First create a Backup Folder and place a copy of EXE in it  from the main XWingAlliance folder XwingAlliance.exe, (to be on the safe side). Place this in a safe place, by doing this you will save yourself  time if you make a mistake. Instead of reinstalling the complete game you can just copy the backup files and overwrite the modified files.

    2. Let's just say for example you want to install the TIE Phantom) copy the new Opt(s) into the FLIGHTMODELS folder.

        i.e. TiePhantom.opt, TiePhantomCockpit.opt, and TiePhantomExterior.opt Do Not rename them

    3. Open the Spacecraft0.lst with notepad and countdown to line 155 (example 1) add a line FlightModels\TiePhantom.opt of course if you are installing a different opt you would then replace TiePhantom with what every your new opt is called,

example 1

1. FlightModels\Xwing.opt
2. FlightModels\Ywing.opt
3. FlightModels\Awing.opt
4. FlightModels\Bwing.opt

152. FlightModels\CorvetteExplode.opt
153. FlightModels\CorvetteExplode.opt
154. FlightModels\EscapePodA.opt
155. FlightModels\TiePhantom.opt
156. FlightModels\EwingC.opt

So the list should look like this now


Then you just keep adding to the list for each new opt


and so on, save this then,

    4. Next Open the Shiplist.txt file (in the main XWingAlliance folder), and scroll down to the line 

!SPECIES_184!*DontUseMe,Planet/asteroid,Nonflyable,Known,NoSkirmish,            253,77 ,259,83 ,501,453,519,482

change this to

!SPECIES_184!TIE Phantom,Fighter,Flyable,Known,Skirmish,                                6 ,9 ,13 ,20 ,4 ,13 ,32 ,43

Note: Don't not replace line !SPECIES_183!BACKDROP

There are a number of combinations you can use in the lines depending which type of craft you install: -

DontUseMe, (your craft) i.e. TIE Phantom

The next section in the line

Planet/asteroid, (defines which craft type your using) i.e.: -

Planet/asteroid, = Default for the unused slots
Fighter, = Fighter craft
Shuttle/Light Transport, = Shuttles & Escort craft (Millennium Falcon, Lambda)
Utility Craft, = Utility craft (Tug, Escape Pods)
Freighter/Heavy Transport, = Large Transports (Bulk Freighter, Rebel Med Transport)
Container, = Containers (CN/A Brick, CN/B Hexbox)
Starships, = Starships (SSD, Calamari Cruisers)
Stations, = Stations (Rebel Platform, Golan One)
Weapon emplacement, = Gun Platforms & Mines (Warhead Launcher, Mine A)
Satellite/Buoy, = Satellite's & Buoy's
Droid, = Pilots & Droids

The next part of the line Flyable Defines whether or not you can fly the craft i.e.: -

If you wish to fly the craft your installing in game the type Flyable,

Craft such as the Millennium Falcon or the Corts you can type = GunnerFylable

Or if your installing a craft such as a Starship, Station, Container, which normally you can't fly, then type = Nonflyable,

The next part of the line Known this defines whether or not you can see the craft in the globe in game so type =Known, or Unknown,

The next part NoSkirmish, defines whether or not you can fly the craft in a skirmish i.e.: -

to enable you to fly the craft in a skirmish then type= Skirmish,

Disables your craft from being flown in a skirmish type= NoSkirmish,

(I'm not sure what the numbers beside them mean, It has something to do with the Icons used in the game, but don't worry about them too much). Just copy the line that closely resembles the craft your installing, Close and save the file.

    5. Open the Specdesc.txt, find the lines

Original settings SPEC_184_NAME!*Forest moon of Endor
Replace them with !SPEC_184_NAME!TIE Phantom (T/P)
!SPEC_184_MANU!Sienar Fleet Systems !SPEC_184_SIDE!Empire
!SPEC_184_DESC!The starfighter was the first to be fitted with a functional cloaking device, this allows the V-38 to quietly stalk a potential target, and then strike unexpectedly, the Rebel's gave it the nickname "Phantom"
!SPEC_184_CREW!1 Pilot, 1 Gunner

Close the file and save.

    6. Open the Strings.txt and what you are looking for are three sections the "strings for specs" section, the "strings for specs -- PLURAL FORM!!!" section and the "short version of spec long names" section.

All three sections resemble each other, meaning each section starts with:-

TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor

and so on.

The first section "strings for spec" is where we define whether or not the craft is masculine, feminine or neutered. Put m:, f: or n: in front of the craft (respectively) to set the gender.

and the list looks like this: -

!KSPECTF!m:TIE Fighter,
!KSPECTI!m:TIE Interceptor

You will notice looking down the list there are a number of blank spaces (if you have a unedited version) which start after the Pursuer Enforcement Ship like this: -

!KSPECSLAVETWO!m:Pursuer Enforcement Ship

Now your thinking which slot do you place your new craft in, well the easiest way to sort this out is to open BHE and just scroll down the list of where the *Reserved Fighters are, (as shown below) you will notice that it corresponds to the "strings.txt" file.

Now to edit the line you want to place the TIE Phantom in search for the line !KSPECFTR0!m:

        and replace the line with !KSPECFTR0!m:TIE Phantom

The second section "strings for specs -- PLURAL FORM!!!" is basically the same as the same as the "strings for specs"

Just search down the list again for the line !KSPECFTR0_PLURAL!

        and replace this with !KSPECFTR0_PLURAL!TIE Phantoms

The third section "short version of spec long names" is where you place the short name of the craft i.e. X-W, B-W and so on. So again search down the list for !KSPECFTR0_SHORT!

        and replace this with !KSPECFTR0_SHORT!T/P

Save the file and close.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3


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