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Credit also has to go to Battledog for his info, and Matt for allowing me to edit one of his Laser Opt's.

  • 1. You will have to have a basic knowledge of BHE.
  • 2. When you get the new weapon to work you will not hear any sound of the weapon or laser firing.
  • 3. The impact effect for this weapon is yellow, so originally this extra weapon slot might have been used for a yellow laser, which if you haven't notice the Firespray in the cutscenes fires.
  • 4. This editing option is only suitable for small craft such are Fighters and shuttles, you will know why when you read the Tutorial.
  • 5. Presumably you have made a new weapon.opt.
Ok now to get started, open up BHE, select you project file (1.1 XwA Module). you can used MXvTED but I would advise you to used BHE.

Weapon Power

1. The value you input represent the power of the explosion, the higher the number the bigger the explosion.

2. Select Weapon-Power and scroll down to the Open Weapon, the bottom most line, it should be set to 0.

3. Change this to 500 (same as the Full Red laser), but if your installing a New Missile copy one of the values that closely reassembles you weapon.

4. Once changed remember to save the modifications.


1. The value you input represents the speed of the weapon, the higher the value the faster the weapon goes.

2. Select Weapon-Speed and scroll down to the open weapon, the bottom most line, again it will be set to 0.

3. Change this value to 2000, again if your installing a Missile change the value to as appropriate

4. Save the modifications.


1. The value you input represent how long the weapon lasts, which seem to be in seconds

2. Ok you get the point, scroll down the open weapon and change the 0 to 1 for a laser.

3. Save.


1. The Value you enter represents what sort of weapon your installing.

2. The values are

  • 921 Lasers
  • 512 Missiles
  • 48 Space Bomb
  • 256 Countermeasures

3. Scroll down to the Open Weapon and enter 912 or the value that represents your weapon.

4. Save.


1. The Value you enter represents

  • 1 means the AI will target fighters with this weapon.
  • 2 means the AI will target capital ships with it.
  • 0 is used on lasers, and if you set it to 1 or 2 for lasers, the AI will still fire them at whatever it wants to, but they will explode, you will be able to target them, and they will give the proximity warning when they get near, but they won't guide. They will also spin your craft around when they hit you, so you could make a control jammer-style weapon.

2. Scroll down to the Open Weapon and enter the appropriate value either 0, 1, 2.

3. Save.


1. This value lets you set the score taken away from your team's total when you fire a particular warhead.
Setting it to 0 can make it easier on Missile Boat players, or you can set it higher to give a big penalty for firing.

Lasers are set to 0, missiles have different values, look down the list in BHE.

2. Scroll down to the Open Weapon and enter 0

2. Save


1. The number you enter corresponds with the line in equipment0.lst. (from 0 to 158)

2. If you have the XWAUP Weapons Patch installed remember to take this into account when entering the new number, if you have all the New Laser's-Missiles installed the new number you enter will be 168, otherwise enter 159.

3. While we are at this point open the Equiment0.lst, scroll down to the bottom of the list and enter the line FlightModels/YourWeapon.opt

3. Save.


1. The number you enter represent to which LST file you have installed your opt too

  • 0 = Spacecraft0.lst
  • 1 = Equipment0.lst

2. As most of the weapons are in the Equipment 0.lst enter 0

3. Save.


1. Self explanatory really

0 = Disables the weapon

3 = Enables the weapon

2. Enter 3

3. Save.


1. not sure what this does, but the other slots apart from a couple are set to 9

2. Enter 9

3. Save.


This is a simple task set ever hardpoints in the opt to "None".

You have a few option of how to do this, either when your making your new craft add the hardpoints but set them to "None, don't add hardpoints, or use MXvTED to edit the hardpoints.

Since I edited the Firespray (Slave One) to use this new weapon. I'll show you how I did it.

1. Open MXvTED

2. Go to slot 3

3. Click on the OPT TAB.

4. In the Mesh Box, click on 0, 1, etc for each mesh

5. In the Mesh Hardpoint box if the hardpoint is set to RebelLaser or whatever change this to None and click on Write Hardpoint.

6. Repeat this for each Hardpoint.

7. Now the hard part in which you have to experiment if you editing your own opt.

8. As you have set all the Hardpoint to "None" you will have to enter from where you want your Weapons to fire, so back to BHE.

9. Scroll down to slot where the Firespray is, or to what every slot you have install you craft.

10. The main thing to input is the NEW laser number, so scroll down to the 1st Laser Type and enter 307, if you read the description in BHE this value is specifically for the OPEN WEAPON Slot.

11. to make this simple here are the values for the Firespray, but as I said you would have to experiment with the values for your own craft.

1st Laser Type 307
2nd Laser Type 0
3rd Laser Type 0
1st Laser Start Rack 0
2nd Laser Start Rack 0
3rd Laser Start Rack 0
1st Laser End Rack 1
2nd Laser End Rack 0
3rd Laser End Rack 0
1st Laser Link Code 2
2nd Laser Link Code 0
3rd Laser Link Code 0
1st Laser Sequence 1
2nd Laser Sequence 0
3rd Laser Sequence 0
1st Laser Range 0
2nd Laser Range 0
3rd Laser Range 0
1st Laser Fire Ratio 0
2nd Laser Fire Ratio 0
3rd Laser Fire Ratio 0
1st Warhead Type 287
2nd Warhead Type 0
1st Warhead Start Rack 2
2nd Warhead Start Rack 0
1st Warhead End Rack 3
2nd Warhead End Rack 0
1st Warhead Link Code 2
2nd Warhead Link Code 0
1st Warhead Capacity 5
2nd Warhead Capacity 0
Note: As I have said "As you have set all the Hardpoint to "None" you will have to enter the values from where your Laser's or Missiles fire from"

From this point on you will have to experiment, for the values for your own craft, if you do not enter these values all the lasers and missiles will fire from the centerline i.e. X = 0, Y = 0, Z = 0.
Rack 0 X 28
Rack 0 Y -204
Rack 0 Z 102
Rack 0 Cap 0
Rack 1 X -28
Rack 1 Y -204
Rack 1 Z 102
Rack 1 Cap 0
Rack 2 X -54
Rack 2 Y -27
Rack 2 Z 48
Rack 2 Cap 5
Rack 3 X 54
Rack 3 Y -27
Rack 3 Z 48
Rack 3 Cap 5
Rack 4 X 0
Rack 4 Y 0
Rack 4 Z 0
Rack 4 Cap 0
Rack 5 X 0
Rack 5 Y 0
Rack 5 Z 0
Rack 5 Cap 0
Rack 6 X 0
Rack 6 Y 0
Rack 6 Z 0
Rack 6 Cap 0
Rack 7 X 0
Rack 7 Y 0
Rack 7 Z 0
Rack 7 Cap 0
Rack 8 X 0
Rack 8 Y 0
Rack 8 Z 0
Rack 8 Cap 0
Rack 9 X 0
Rack 9 Y 0
Rack 9 Z 0
Rack 9 Cap 0
Countermeasures 10
Cockpit Y POV -30
Cockpit Z POV 15
Cockpit X POV 0
Leave other values to 0, unless your craft has rotating turrets.

12. Save.

13. Ok that should be it, test it.


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