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Editing Sites
Flying Temple
Flying Temple is a site about...uh...stuff. Funny stuff, interesting stuff, hopefully. Basically a collection of junk that I (Defiant) hoard in my little corner of the web.
Troy Dangerfield's X-Wing Series Editors
Home page of Troy Dangerfield the creator of AlliED, XvTED, and X-ED the best Mission Editors on the for the X-Wing Series on the Web.
Virtual D@t@ Design
Author of X-Wing DAT Customizer, 3d Studio to Optech converter, Xwing Alliance OPT to 3D Studio converter and Ace dxf to 3d Studio converter and more.
XvT Technologies
Jedi Hunter has some excellent utilities such as Opt Enhancer, Opt2prj and OPTech. You can also download some excellent Opts also.
Abolisher's Mission Command Outpost
Here you will find some great custom missions for X-Wing: Alliance.
Crusade 3 tournament
Crusade is a tournament involving strategy and skill for the LucasArts™ game X-Wing® Alliance™.The purpose of the tournament was to not only make XvT more interesting but also provide the Star Wars community with a tactical game better than Rebellion®.
Czech X-Wing Series Site
This site is dedicated to X-Wing series of games.
SaxSoft Productions
The founding member of the X-wing: Alliance Upgrade project, now has his own site where you can see some of his excellent models, all talented guy and writer of FanFic Dark Alliance.
Secrets of Star Wars Rogue Squadron
A resource website of utilities and patches to help you edit and finished Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Tie Fighter total Conversion
The aim of this project is to convert the classic missions from lucasarts game Tie Fighter to the latest game in the X-Wing series, X-Wing Alliance.
Vince T's X-Wing HQ
A good friend and talented modeller, has made some of the best visually stunning landscape and starship opts available on the web.
The ever famous XWA.net page! The Forum is one of the most active ones out there! Be sure to drop by and say hello to all those old timers ;)
X-Wing: Alliance Upgrade Project
XWAUpgrade will offer you the chance to update your craft with higher detailed better textured opts. Go there now to find out how it's coming along, and see some of the spectacular screenshots of these new craft.
XWA Expansion Guide
The best capital ship creator on the web, He's back with a new website, updated craft, plus there are guides to making and installing Opt's, mission making and tips.
Order of the Sith
On this site you will find the Fanfilm itself, a trailer, 'behind the scenes', as well as screenshots, wallpapers and DVD case inserts for those of you sad enough to burn it to disc (it does look good on the shelf next to all the other movies though...)!
Official Sites
Official LucasArts Website
Star Wars Fan Club Store
Collectors, can't find that certain Action figure, Book or magazine well this is the place to visit.
Star Wars Official Website
For the latest info on the Star Wars Films.
Star Wars: Galaxies
Immerse yourself in Star Wars® in a way you've only dreamed! Find your place during the epic galactic struggle between good and evil, and shape your own destiny. Star Wars® Galaxies™ is the first massively multiplayer online roleplaying game based on the Star Wars universe that lets you live the movies with thousands of other players from around the world!
News and Book and Film Sites
Dark Horizons
For the latest Film Gossip, News and Reviews
For the latest news, reviews, and articles concerning the Star Wars Trilogy and Prequel's.
Echo Station
News about anything and everything Star Wars
For News about the Prequel's, Literature, Multimedia, Timeline and Collecting
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