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DSXS has moved again - Thursday, April 04, 2013
The XWAU is proud to present the XWAU Craft Pack - Saturday, August 18, 2012
**NEW** DSUCPv2.1 Release - Wednesday, August 01, 2012
DSUCPv2.01 Release - Sunday, May 27, 2012
DSUCPv2.0 **UPDATE** - Wednesday, May 09, 2012
Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack v2.0 Release - Tuesday, May 01, 2012
New Y-Wing v3.1 - Saturday, December 03, 2011
New Website location - Monday, April 27, 2009
with the recent spate of thefts - Saturday, September 06, 2008
NEW UPDATE - Tuesday, June 17, 2008
ARCHIVED 2007 and COMMUNITY UPDATES - Sunday, March 02, 2008
Thursday, April 04, 2013 top

DSXS has moved again

Thanks to Forceflow from XWAUP who has generously offered to host DSXS, things are back as normal with the website.

Please don't forget to update your links and bookmarks

Thanks so much again Forceflow :D


Saturday, August 18, 2012 top
The XWAU is proud to present the XWAU Craft Pack
Yes folks, you heard right! An all-in-one XWAU installer! Darksaber has been working tirelessly behind the scenes and put out a great installer for all crafts that have been completed up until today. I think a round of applause is in order :)
Thanks also to all the others who have made it possible for us to come this far. The pack includes over 100 crafts all of which have been painstakingly recreated to provide the best possible look in X-Wing Alliance.

Please be aware that the XWAUCP will NOT install over the DSCUP! (Since that one includes all XWAU opts anyway) So you only need the pack if you wish to not add any non XWAU crafts. The pack will not be updated with each craft, but I am certain DS will add opts to it from time to time. All crafts that are being released in the meantime will be marked in the download page.

Some more information about the XWAUCP:

It's your Bare Bones Craft installer!

No XWA CD's required
No Shortcuts
No fancy wave files
No Pilot files
No No-CD Patch
No New Video's
No Mpeg Codec Files

Nothing just OPT's, OPT's, OPT's

It includes All the XWAU Craft updated until the 3rd of August 2012 so far.

Apart from the Modified Strike Cruiser (that wasn't included to XWA that was converted from XvT) NO other Custom Opt has been added.

There are only the versions of the ISD's with the destroyable guns in the pack.

It includes the DDRaw.dll for ATI video cards (ONLY) and the Font fix for Nvidia Cards, plus the new Planets.dat by DTM, which are all optional.

Also all mission fixes are included, so are the different configurations of Missiles, Lasers and Ions.

There is a choice of:-
Astromech Droid as in the Droid installer R2-D2, R2-Q5 (Black) or the R5-D4
Correlian Gunship with or without Fringe
Dreadnaught Darksaber's or Jm's
Freighter Type K with or without containers
Millennium Falcon Han or Lando versions
Luxury Yacht or the Lady Luck version with guns
Slave One default green lasers, a red laser version and a yellow laser version (but has no laser sounds)
Pursuer Enforement Ship or Boba Fetts Slave Two
SSD 17.5km or 19KM versions
Tie Bomber X2 Missiles or X4 missiles
Tie Defender or Tie Defender MK2 (with the missile launcher on the side of the cockpit)
Tie Fighter standard or ANH versions
Tie Warheads standard or a version with lasers as in the Tie Int
Ywing Yellow or Red FG

All craft slots have been enabled if a user wishes to add their own choice of custom crafts. You can find the XWAUCP on their download page!

Download the XWAUCP from the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade

Discuss this great news here

Wednesday, August 01, 2012 top

**NEW** DSUCPv2.1 Release

Not to be confused with v2.01 this is version 2.1

Since there have been a few issues with the Mission Fixes, with the help of Dragon who fixed them, plus a problem with DTM's Planet.dat
I'm releasing a NEW version of the DSUCP.

Over the last couple of months I've also added a few more features to the installer

  1. Choice of Correlian Gunship with or without Fringe
  2. Choice of Mine or JM's Dreadnaught
  3. Droid as in the Astromech Droid you can install R2-D2, R2-Q5 (Black/Imperial) or the R5-D4
  4. Freighter Type K with or without containers
  5. Millennium Falcon Han or Lando versions
  6. Luxury Yacht or the Lady Luck version with guns
  7. Slave One default green lasers, a red laser version and a yellow laser version (but has no laser sounds)
  8. Pursuer Enforement Ship or Boba Fetts Slave Two
  9. SSD 17.5km or 19KM versions
  10. Tie Bomber X2 Missiles or X4 missiles
  11. Tie Defender or Tie Defender MK2 (with the missile launcher on the side of the cockpit)
  12. Tie Fighter (Blue) or ANH version (Grey)
  13. Tie Warheads standard or a version with lasers as in the Tie Int
  14. Ywing Yellow or Red FG
I've also included the NEW Industrial Complex, Star Galleon and the Scout Craft all by Marco Antonio Malheiros

So the DSUCPv2.1 is up to date as of the 5th July 2012

I think thats about it, fingures crossed that everything should run and install fine now., but if you do have any problems PLEASE post them Here.


Sunday, May 27, 2012 top

DSUCPv2.01 Release

I'm afraid it's another update this time to version 2.01

I've fixed a couple of problems people where having

  1. Fixed the problem with automatically installing the custom DDraw.dll to the X-Wing Alliance folder, to fix the disappearing objects (black squares), it seems this is only a problem with ATI video cards and not Nvidia video cards, so I have know made this an option to install or not, it is selected by default, so those with Nvidia card will have to deselect the option.

  2. Fixed the problem some people where having with Admin Rights, due to them having their UAC (User Account Control) setting ramped up to the max, this shouldn't be a problem now.

  3. Removed the Pilot and Config.cfg checks when the UCP started, again due to some people having their UAC set to the max. When the UAC is enabled, and you create a Pilot file (*0.plt), the pilot file is no longer created in the XWA folder but in "C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance" this created a problem for the UCP as it used to search the XWA Dir to see if a pilot file had been created, but because the pilot file was created elsewhere, this no longer worked and would keep asking you to create a pilot file. this was only a problem with later operating systems such as Vista or Win7.
    This also created a problem if the Mpeg Video Codecs have to be installed, the UCP couldn't copy the files to the System folders, due to the UCP not being set to install as administrator, so you get an error when installing the UCP, this has now been solved.
    Personally I hate the UAC and have it disabled, the reason I didn't see the problem, but I have tested the installer numerous times with the UAC set to max and it installs fine now.

  4. Can I just point out that the DSUCPv2.01 DOES NOT solve any graphics issues apart from adding the DDraw.dll to solve the disappearing objects (black squares) for ATI Video Cards (ONLY). If you want widescreen or anyother graphics fix you will have to use Reimer's XWAHacker.

  5. Fixed the TIE Experimental M3 problem found by n8weigel.

  6. I don't know why a couple of people reported having problems with the Ion Lasers showing as green or the Advanced Missile firing as Asteriods, I've tested these problem and found nothing wrong.

  7. It was also reported that you could select both options of the SSD, but again I haven't seen this problem, plus no one else has reported having any of the above couple of problems.

  8. I've also replaced Ion Turbolaser sound.

  9. Replaced the Planetary Fighter opts as it was reported to Marco Antonio Malheiros that the flightgroup colours on the base and exterior had some mapping errors, this wasn't just in the UCP but in the individual installer, which has been updated both here and at the XWAUP to version 2.0.
I think thats about it, fingures crossed that everything should run and install fine now., but if you do have any problems PLEASE post them Here.


Wednesday, May 09, 2012 top


I'm really sorry about this, but there have been a number of issues with some of the wave files and a couple of Opts in the UCP. So I've fixed these problems and uploaded a new version of the UCP, again sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Just delete the old version of DSUCPv2.0 you have on your computer and download this new version, run it and it will detect that the DSUCPv2.0 and already been installed and give you the option to uninstall the previous version. Uninstall it and run this new version of the DSUCPv2.0.

I've also solved the Microsoft Mpeg4 Codec problem, I didn't take into account that on x64 System, the x86 (32bit) files are placed in the SysWOW64 folder, and not in the System32 folder as on a x86 (32bit) System.

I made a test installer for the MPEG files and that was tested by some of the forum members over at XWAUP it was tested on

XP 32bit
Vista 32bit
Win 7 32bit
Win 7 64bit

and this now works as it should, thanks again to everyone that helped in testing.

Again sorry for the inconvenience

If you do have any other problems please post in the XWAUP Forum Here, but as from Thursday, May 10th I'll be away for a couple of weeks


Tuesday, May 01, 2012 top

Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack v2.0 Release

It's here at long last

Please take the time to read everything before installing the DSUCPv2.0, if you have the DSUCPv1.1 installed you will be asked to uninstall it before the DSUCPv2.0 can be installed. The same will be asked if you have the TFTCv1.0 installed, you will be asked to uninstall it beforehand, So if you wish to keep these I suggest you backup your XWA folder.

You WILL need both XWA Disc 1 and XWA Disc 2 on hand before you can install the DSUCPv2.0, this is due to:

1. A Security Check to make sure you have both Discs.
2. to copy files needed by the DSUCPv2.0 from both Discs.
Without BOTH Discs you will not be able to run or install the DSUCPv2.0

All New Craft from the XWAUP are included with the DSUCPv2.0, as of April 18th 2012, so there is NO NEED to install every other craft available, when new XWAUP craft become available a list will be created to inform you of the craft to be installed after the DSUCPv2.0.

Certain Antivirus Software Applications "Norton" may flag the DSUCPv2.0 with something called "WS.Reputation.1" If you receive this warning, it's a False Positive.
Follow this link to Norton for an explanation of "WS.Reputation.1"
I would never consciously add any virus to anything I make or release, not that I have a clue how too, I don't.
So Please, if you receive a warning, just block the DSUCPv2.0 from being quarantined.
Please don't start moaning on any forums that the DSUCPv2.0 contains viruses, because it doesn't!!
Put it this way, why would I want viruses added to my PC each time I run the DSUCPv2.0.exe!
Think about it!


Saturday, December 03, 2011 top

New Y-Wing v3.1

Well it's been a while since this place has been updated, anyhow I have a new version of the Y-Wing for you, it's had a slight revamp, the engines have been modelled along with the cockpit, and I've overhauled Decoys old textures you can download the NEW v3.1 version from the XWAUP or from here in the XWAUP Alliance Fighters section.

You'll probably know this already but Marco, GT and DTM have also released a few other opts over at the XWAUP

Lastly Griffin from the SWCrusade website has updated his weblink to swcrusade.com so be sure to update your links


Monday, April 27, 2009 top

New Website location

Well DSXS is back up and running, I don't know what happened to gaylenol.com, but the domain name seems to have expired.

I'm sure Ol Monk who hosted DSXS for all this time knows about the problem, but I have no way of contacting him other than his email which of course has gone now.

So I'd like to thank Ol for hosting DSXS when I needed some help to keep my site alive.

I hope he manages to get his own site back online again.

Luckily my boss hosts websites, and he was kind enough to allow me to have a sub domain off his own site.

I'd also like to thank all the people that where concerned and have offered help with hosting.

So a big thanks to everyone that has stuck by DSXS for all this time, I know I do very little these days regarding XWA, but this site will stay for as long as I can keep it going.

So you had better update your bookmarks, all files should be available but if you find that some links don't work please either leave a message on the XWAUP forums or PM me from there.

Sorry but I'm not going to give out an email address, I removed the last email address from the site as I was getting 100's of spam mails per day. Like I said if you wish to contact me use the PM function at the XWAUP


Saturday, September 06, 2008 top

with the recent spate of thefts

With the recent spate of thefts from the XWA Community, all permissions to use or port any of these models hosted or otherwise to any other game other than XWA have been suspended permanently. This goes for any of my work hosted at the XWAUP!!

Sorry but it just pisses me off that some backwater hick community (they know how they are!) can just steal work done by others, trace over them and claim this new model as there own.

You may claim this to be paranoia, I can assure you its not, we as a community have put many hours into our models, we take pride with our work, it might not be the best out there, but the game we work towards adding these models to has limitations, I'm sure most of the modders could add if they so wished, countless amounts of faces adding more detail to the model, but we choose not too because of those limitation with the XWA game engine. We make these models specifically for the XWA games.

Some are claiming that we don't hold any copyright over our work and just because most of our models are Star Wars related that Lucas and LucasArts holds the rights to our models. Well I'll tell you now that this is bullshit, if Lucas had any rights to our work they would have suspended use along time ago, as they have done with a number of websites.

If Lucas or LucasArts had the balls they wouldn't have rushed the game and had made better, more accurate models in the first place, so we wouldn't have had to upgrade them!

If any still wish to challenge my or the communities claims over our work then I say to them bring it on!

All we asked for when permission was granted, was a little credit for being the original author, our names, perhaps a link to or websites, but no some bastards haven't the gumption even to ask let alone give credit to use.

So that's where they have shit out, I'm sure that if in future we find any of our work being used without permission or credit, we'll be down on you like a ton of bricks.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008 top


Your probably wondering what the update is well I'll tell you, I changed the Firefox icon from version 2 to version 3.

As far as I can tell nothing really impressive has been released in the last 3 months, if I have missed something then I apologise, oh don't bother emailing me telling me what has been going on, to be honest it wouldn't really interest me anyhow.

I don't have XWA installed, haven't played it in years and its the furthest thing from my mind, sorry but I've lost total interest in doing anything with it, find it particular boring, perhaps in a couple of months or so things might change.

So lookout for further updates around.... errmmm... December maybe??


Sunday, March 02, 2008 top


Whoa first update since October, been slacking a bit, well as you can see all 2007 news has been archived.

Community updates since January we had another craft from DTM the Modified Nebulon-B Frigate and recently again from DTM & JM we had the Med Mon Cal Cruiser (Defiance) both of which can be downloaded from MDT Industries or XWAUP

So that's about it, look out for further updates in the coming weeks



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