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Small update to the Tie Phantom - Saturday, Dec 28, 2002
Tie Phantom Released - Friday, Dec 27, 2002
Another preview of the V-38 - Monday, Dec 23, 2002
A Small request from Abolisher - Wednesday, Dec 18, 2002
Small progress update on the V-38 - Monday, Dec 16, 2002
Coming to a Computer Screen near you this Christmas - Saturday, Dec 14, 2002
Yes another NEW Opt, and Yes it's another TIE Fighter - Sunday, Dec 01, 2002
NEW Opt! The Calamari Hangar - Tuesday, Oct 22, 2002
Isildur comes up trumps again - Friday, Oct 04, 2002
New Opt the Lambda Shuttle - Wednesday, Oct 02, 2002
Ace Antilles Site Update - Saturday, Sep 28, 2002
XWA OPT to 3d Studio format converter v1.0 - Friday, Sep 27, 2002
NEW Opt and stuff - Wednesday, Sep 18, 2002
More Strategy Guides - Sunday, July 21, 2002
Small Update to the X-wing Cockpit - Tuesday, June 04, 2002
NEW X-WING and other Goodies - Monday, June 03, 2002
Updated Shielded Spaceport - Monday, May 06, 2002
At Last OPTech v1.0 - Sunday, April 28, 2002
New Opt From Jedi Outcast - Sunday, April 21, 2002
Battle for Naboo Strategy Guide Uploaded - Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Uploaded NEW Strategy Guides - Wednesday, March 21, 2002
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New Opt Viewer Released! - Thursday, February 21, 2002
Darksaber's X-Wing Station is BACK! - Sunday, February 03, 2002
XIS Update - Tuesday, January 22 2002
OPTech v0.9 Available - Friday, January 18, 2002
Fighters Fixed - Wednesday, January 16, 2002
Sorry - Tuesday, January 15, 2002
So What's New ? - Saturday, January 12, 2002
Saturday, Dec 28, 2002 top

Small update to the Tie Phantom

Ok seems I buggered up a little, so I apologies for this, when testing the Xmod, I found that I had placed the craft in the wrong slot in the Spacecraft0.lst, it should have placed it on line 155, when in fact it place in on line 154.

I have since fixed this and uploaded it again.

Again sorry it you have previously downloaded and installed it.

One last thing to check is the Spacecraft0.lst itself, make sure the lines follow as so: -


and NOT like this


If it has please change it back replacing the first FlightModels\TiePhantom.opt with FlightModels\EscapePodA.opt

Again I'm so sorry, it has been a long time since I put a xmod together.

While I'm at it, I'll give you a few facts about the opts

The Pilots head is in fact from JK2, so I guess credit has to go to Ravensoft/LucasArts for the head and the texture.

How did I place the head into the Opts, well I imported the Stormpilot using Milkshape, exported it as a OBJ file, next I imported it into OPTech removed everything but the head, converted it to quad faces split the head into three meshes, rescaled it and placed onto my pilots body.

Ok then the face counts, the Base Opt has 2253 faces, with LOD, the Cloaked Base has 2184, why lower you ask, well the Cloaked version doesn't have a LOD, I thought what was the point in adding a LOD when it doesn't appear until around 0.5km from you.

The Exterior Opt has 4515 Face, I think to date this is the highest faced Exterior Opt to date.

The Cockpit Opt has a whopping 4826 Faces, and this is defiantly the highest faced cockpit to date.

The Crafts dimensions are Length = 14.18 meters, Height = 5.74 meters, and Width = 9.48 meters.

The Length isn't too far off, its supposed to be between 14.3 and 14.5 meters

How many texture where used

The Cockpit opt uses = 84 textures
The Exterior uses = 48 textures
The Base uses = 33 textures
The Cloaked Base uses = 28 textures
So the LOD uses = 5 textures

Anyhow sorry about the mistake


Friday, Dec 27, 2002 top

TIE Phantom Released

Ok before I start its back to normal, enough of the Xmas theme!

As the title suggests, that's right I said the TIE Phantom, according to Star Wars Technical Commentaries the V-38 looks something like this

So I have called my version the TIE Phantom, if any of you have any different thoughts please contact me by email with your suggestions. Oh any I won't be making the version shown above.

Oh before anyone asks, the banner above, is just a picture I made from in-game screen shots, it doesn't really have that cloaking effect as seen on the picture, that just a little something I added.

Anyhow what do you get, well its in the Xmod format, I thought the craft was good enough to be given its own slot, it will replace anything you have installed in slot #33. If your an advance user, I've also included BHE stats, so if your a clever dick you'll know how to extract the xmod and install manually.

I won't be making xmod's for all the craft I have made so please don't ask

Anyhow what do you get in the xmod, the Base, Exterior and Cockpit Opts, including an optional cloaked version, three different weapon options, (drawback you will have to manually edit the hardpoints, but this is all explained the xmod release notes).

I don't think I have forgot anything, if I have its in the release notes, and I can't stress this enough, PLEASE READ THE RELEASE NOTES BEFORE INSTALLING THIS CRAFT.

You can download it from the Imperial Fighters #1 Section, you may have also noticed I have split the Imperial Fighters sections in to three pages, which should make things a little easier.


Monday, Dec 23, 2002 top
Another preview of the V-38

This time it's the Pilot or Gunner (whichever) of the V-38, I'm really happy about the way he came out, but I guess I won't have it finished by Christmas Day though, anyhow the picture.

With a few more textures and a little tweaking, I should have it done by Friday, but don't quote me on that!


Wednesday, Dec 18, 2002 top

A Small request from Abolisher

At the request from Abolisher on the XWAP Forums to release a version of the TIE Warhead (TIE Exp. M3) with quad lasers, I have have done so and this opt can be downloaded from the Imperial Fighters #1 Section.

Small Note: This WILL overwrite the previous TIE Warhead.

Oh Yeah, I'm not sure I'll be able to release the V-38 by Christmas Day as I was hoping, but it WILL be released soon after and I'm DAMNED sure your going to love it.

The Pilot looks really great if I say so myself pictures to come soon.


Monday, Dec 16, 2002 top

Small progress update on the V-38

If anyone is actually interested, I've made a few colour changes, giving them a lighter steely blue look, which I think looks allot better.

The bottom picture is the first in game shot of the Base model, just have to start the cockpit textures now LOL!

to see a large view of the V-38 just click on each picture.


Saturday, Dec 14, 2002 top

Coming to a Computer Screen near you this Christmas

Well hopefully!

Yes this is the new opt coming your way, just thought I would tease you a little with a few screen shots from within Ace Dxf.

This is the Exterior, the Base and Cockpit still have to be textured, though the base model shouldn't take that long, the cockpits gonna take a while, still have to make all the textures for it and I hate making cockpit textures.

So keep an eye out , you might get an early present.

to see a large view of the V-38 just click on each picture.


Sunday, Dec 01, 2002 top

Yes another NEW Opt, and Yes it's another TIE Fighter


As you can see I've released another new opt, it's the TIE Lancer or TIE-TL (torpedo Launcher), it's based off the design by Marco Spitoni, which he designed and conceived for a small CG Movie called Join the Empire, you can find more of his incredible work at CEE-GEE Digital Worlds

Little is known about this craft other than it's a heavy fighter-bomber with an impressive array of weapons which include lasers, Ion cannons and torpedoes.

It comes with it's own cockpit, which has been redesigned to enhance the features of the exterior model.

For more screen shots and to download it go to the Imperial Fighters #1 Section

Other news in the XWA world, not a bloody lot, other than massive forum threads on craft that will never see the light of day, why people have to indulge in these topics to rant and rave about a crummy image of a craft I will never know. Why can't the person making these craft just get on with it and show the final model when and if it's finished (if ever).

Another thing which really gets under my nose is the fact that someone comes along, show a few images of a rendered model then you never see it again, Why!

I know I've done it myself, but what have you got in return, I'm still making crap for this out of date game, Whoopee! Super! and what do I get back in return SOD ALL! I must be a frelling MUG!

More News! Some if not all of you might have been following the Dark Forces Mod for Jedi Outcast, if you haven't get your arse over there now! Dark Force: Jedi Outcast II MOD

They have just release a Demo of the "Secret Base", the first level from the Lucas Arts game Dark Forces, has been recreated in all the glory for the Jedi Outcast engine.


Monday, Nov 11, 2002 top

This was supposed to be up by Saturday, but I had a few problems, well I was playing a new game to tell the truth, so I guess this is a bad day to update really with the release of Attack of the Clones here in the U.K. HaHa!

Before I start on the main topic I would like to bring your attention to Ace Antilles Xwing Outpost, who has added a small update regarding the goings on in the XwA and Star Wars Communities. please take a look!

Ok on to the main topic, well I've been a little busy over the last couple of weeks, since most of the TIE Fighters where made before the benefits which came with Optech v1.0. Namely to zero out all the software vectors, I've updated all the TIE's and a few other craft. So here is a list of the craft which have been updated: -

to find the correct page to download each craft just click on the craft name. (Oh and please report broken links if any, Thank you!)

TIE Fighter
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, cockpit sparks added to the Cockpit Interior
TIE Interceptor
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, cockpit sparks added to the Cockpit Interior
TIE Bomber
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, cockpit sparks added to the Cockpit Interior
TIE Avenger
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, cockpit sparks added to the Cockpit Interior
TIE Defender
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, cockpit sparks added to the Cockpit Interior, textures have been tweaked removing the bright blue on the struts and cockpit hull.
TIE Advanced X1
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, cockpit sparks added to the Cockpit Interior
Tie Experimental M1 Bizarro
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, cockpit sparks added to the Cockpit Interior, the Bizarro now comes with it's own cockpit. Yes I know it suppose to be non-flyable, but what the hell!
Tie Experimental M2 BigGun
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
Tie Experimental M3 Warhead
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
Tie Experimental M4 Bomb
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
Tie Experimental M5 Booster
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
Azzameen Family Base
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
Other Updates
Moldy Crow
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, added a LOD model, tweaked a few other textures and stuff.
Decoy's Razorback Starfighter
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, added a LOD model
Sierran Rapier Mk.7A Starfighter
As you can see from the picture at the top, the Rapier has had a bit of a re-spray, plus all software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, added a LOD model,
TIE Defender Mk II
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, textures have been tweaked removing the bright blue on the struts and cockpit hull
Republic T.I.E. Fighter
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Fighter (A New Hope Version)
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
Scimitar Assault Bomber
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, made a new cockpit, which is more suitable to the Scimitar.
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Raptor
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Raptor (Droid Version)
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Gunship
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Shadow A-Type
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Shadow B-Type
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Clutch
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Clutch MkII
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper, there are now two version of this craft. The TIE Clutch MkII, I have changed the gun arrangement. In the novel “I, Jedi” the TIE Clutch is described to have 2 chin lasers and 1 Ion cannon on the top wing. Instead of changing the Tie Clutch without telling you I thought I would give you the choice which you wish to use.
TIE Vanguard Rc Mk II
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Drone
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Lambda
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper
TIE Cyclone
All software vectors have been zeroed, making the textures sharper

What you reading this for? You have 46.4 MB to download


Tuesday, Oct 22, 2002 top

NEW Opt! The Calamari Hangar

Due to the size of the new Shuttle, the original TG Hangar needed to be remade; well here it is in all its glory. The Hangar itself is around 2.5 times larger than the original, all new textures have been made mimicking the original textures. With the resize of the Hangar, came a few problems, the roof crane floated in midair. So to get around this problem I had to make a new one, the next problem came when positioning the Roof Crane, thank goodness for Optech.

When you install the Hangar you will notice one additional craft in the background the Corellian Transport YT-1300, can I just point out that this is the TG Corellian Transport YT-1300 and not the XWAUP version. One thing that has been has is to rescale it to 35m, but this is hardly noticeable in the background.

You can download it from the new XWAUP Hangar Section


Friday, Oct 04, 2002 top

Isildur comes up trumps again

Isildur has amazed me yet again!

He's released another converter this time it converts 3D Studio files to Optech's OPZ format files this is what he has to say about it:-

This utility can convert 3d Studio .3ds files to the Optech project file format (.opz).

With this utility, it is now possible to create models using 3d Studio Max and then to import them in Optech to add the final touch to your OPT.

This tool will convert the meshes, faces, vertices, face normal's, vertex normal's, texture coordinates and texture map names. You will have to add other OPT specific information in Optech.

You can also specify a second 3ds file for your low detail model if you want one. It will merge both the high and low model to LOD1 and LOD2.

See the readme.txt for more info.

I have decided not to make a 3ds to OPT converter since it would be almost impossible to put all the information an OPT needs to run in XWA using 3d Studio Max.

He also wants feedback, so if you us this utility or any of his other utilities, even if they do work please contact him at v_d@yahoo.com

You can download 3DS2OPZ from the Opt Editors section or from Isildur's website at Virtual D@t@ Design

and I can assure you this does work, give it a go


Wednesday, Oct 02, 2002 top

New Opt the Lambda Shuttle

Yes that's right another NEW Opt, the Lambda Shuttle, I should tell you a little more about it first.

This isn't the Shuttle Decoy made, sorry Decoy!

It's made from scratch, the textures are based on the ones made by Fabio Allamandri, from his Shutter Tydirium SE found at Sci-Fi 3D I emailed him to ask permission to use one of his textures as a base background layer.

Of course he agreed.

I started making this on the 26th September, it just goes to show it doesn't take years for XWAUP craft to be finished HINT! HINT!

Any how you can download it from the new XWAUP Shuttle Section


Saturday, Sep 28, 2002 top

Ace Antilles Site Update

Looks like I missed Ace Antilles Site update when I was updating my own site, so I apologize to him and here goes.

Looks like he's been pretty busy for all you lot, first he's released his new Movie Skirmish Pack! It contains 35 bmp's of classic Star Wars ships the ones straight from the movies!

He's also updated his XWAUP Skirmish Dat Pack which now includes the recently released R-41 Starchaser and the Proximity Mines A and B, so be sure to download it again if you haven't already.

You want more well he's offering more, Ace has created his first CBM Pack which will replace two of the Family souvenirs you get in the Transport with Emkay.

and last but not least, Ace is now hosting a single Xmod of the Missile Boat created by Matt.

For all these and more please visit Ace Antilles Xwing Outpost


Friday, Sep 27, 2002 top

XWA OPT to 3d Studio format converter v1.0

News from Isildur, he's released an XWA opt to 3D Studio format Converter, this is what he has to say about it: -

This little utility can convert XWA OPT files to 3d Studio .3ds file format, preserving texture coordinates. This utility is here to help people that want to view or edit the models from Xwing Alliance in 3d Studio Max.

You have the option to convert single OPT files or to convert multiple OPT files residing in a folder. For example, you can convert all the OPTs from XWA in one shot. It takes about 2 minutes on my P3 800.

I have tested all the OPTs from the original Xwing Alliance game and about 30 custom made OPTs. All of them got converted without any problems. I have tested the resulting 3ds files with a 3d file viewer called 3D Exploration version 1.5, and also with 3d Studio Max version 2.5. If you have problems converting a certain OPT or if the resulting 3ds file is not correct, please let me know so I can fix the problem. By the way, it only supports XWA OPTs, no XVT support.

I'm planning to make a 3ds to OPT utility. I don't know when it will be ready but it's on my list of things to do. I might release it sooner if I get a request from the OPT making community.

If your interested visit his site Virtual D@t@ Design to download it.

A small note to Isildur, if you have emailed me and I haven't replied it's my own fault for blocking all Yahoo.com email addresses due to frigging spam emails, sorry about this and I have rectified the situation, so please send your emails again.

I contacted Isildur and he gave me permission to host his Utilities, so you can either download them from here or his site, your choice, to download Xwing Alliance OPT to 3D Studio converter and the Ace dxf to 3d Studio converter you can find them in the Opt Editors section and for the Xwing Alliance Cutscene Player you can download that from the Miscellaneous Files section.


Wednesday, Sep 18, 2002 top

NEW Opt and stuff

Along with the Xwing Alliance Upgrade Project I'm releasing the R-41 Starchaser, special thanks has to go to Wraith for the Dxf Models and to Flavid for the Main Hull Textures, you can download it from the New XWAUP General Fighters section.

Check out some screen shots in there also

Next a special thanks to Araz Yusuf (LukA_YJK) from Secrets of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for the banner script, which changes each time you refresh.

He has also released another utility for Rogue Squadron called RogueDat 1.0, Using this small utility you can easily explore the structure of .DAT and Bundle. data files, also with the same easiness extract any resource from these files !

Also you might want to check out the Updated Screen saver. This simple screen saver uses the game data, so it requires the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron properly installed in your system...

I also got word from Isildur about a few utilities he has made for XWA the first is a Ace Dxf to 3d Studio converter v1.0, With this little utility, you can convert Ace dxf project files to 3d Studio 3ds files preserving texture coordinates. With Ace dxf, you can only export to dxf format but then, you lose the texture coordinates.

This app is here to help people that want to manipulate the models from Xwing Alliance OPT files in 3d Studio Max.

Note: You will need OPT2PRJ v1.3 by Derek del Rio (Jedi Hunter) to convert your Xwing Alliance OPT files to Ace dxf project files. Then, you can convert the project files to 3d Studio with this utility.

He also mentions that soon he will release a utility that will convert OPT files directly to 3d Studio format.

The second utility is a Xwing Alliance Cutscene Player,

This is just a little XWA movie player. It plays the Smush file format used in XWA. These files are located in the MOVIES directory on both of the game's disks. The files have the extension '.snm'.

He managed to link to the TGSMUSH.dll file and figured out what the parameters of the Smush functions meant. TGSMUSH.dll is the Smush engine used in XWA to play the movies.

You have the option to save the current frame to BMP format. Maybe a future version will save the Smush movie to AVI but right now, he doesn't have the time to implement it.

If your interested visit his site Virtual D@t@ Design to download them.

Almost forgot, I've updated the Banners a little and added a few more to go with the others to check them out just click on the DSXS Banners link

Anyhow Enjoy!

Sunday, July 21, 2002 top

More Strategy Guides

A few more Strategy Guides for you to look through, Rebel Assault, Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

Regarding Jedi Outcast, I would like to thank The Stratos Group for giving me permission to link to there Strategy Guide, it saved me a lot of time!

Thanks Guys

Oh please be patient with the pages while loading them, as they may take some time, but I believe you will like what you see, anyhow see for yourselves just click on the Strategy Guide Main Menu link


Tuesday, June 04, 2002 top

Small Update to the X-wing Cockpit

Sorry about this if you have already downloaded the NEW X-wing, this is just a small update, Saxman pointed out over at the XWAUP Forums that the Joystick was mirrored, this bugged me a little, so I have fixed this and replaced it in the XMOD.


Monday, June 03, 2002 top

NEW X-WING and other Goodies

YES you heard it right a NEW X-WING


Because this year is the 25th Anniversary of Star Wars, 1977 - 2002 I have commemorated the New X-Wing to this.

Anyhow, what's new, well everything, it's been completely remodeled, new hull, wings, canopy, cockpit, astromech droid and textures.

Because of this I recommend it only be installed on a high end machine such as 1 GHz or above, anything lower and I won't take any responsibility for your PC crashing or what ever, you've been warned!

What else is new? Well I've updated the A-wing and B-wing again, only a small fix I have just zeroed out all the software vectors so the textures are a lot sharper.

You Can download all three from the XWAUP Alliance Fighters section

Last but not lease LukA_YJK from Secrets of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has released another utility for Rogue Squadron called RogueRat, with this small utility you can easily edit your data file to replace any mission with another including LEC Logo introduction level, also with the same easiness restore default mission data, it also supports multilingual versions of the game.

You can download it from Secrets of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or from the Rogue Squadron Game Editors section


Monday, May 06, 2002 top

Updated Shielded Spaceport

VeritechCEO asked over at Ace Antilles Forum if anyone had made the Shielded Spaceport for XwA, initially I replied saying no, but out of curiosity I tried to import the XvT version using Jedi Hunters new OPTech v1.0 and to my surprise it loaded just fine.

So I have made a few small changes to it I've made the whole station around 15% smaller, removed the turrets (as they didn't work anyhow) made the shield larger and a few other things.

Both the new XwA version and XvT version of the Nomad Outpost can be found in the Stations Section.

Other News Xwing Legacy and the Xwing Upgrade Project both have new Forums

Sunday, April 28, 2002 top

At last OPTech v1.0

This is straight from the horses mouth (Congratulations Jedi Hunter a.k.a. Com Trooper)

Without further delay, OPTech v1.0 can be downloaded from XvT Technologies or the Opt Editors Section, Before you head over there though, you might want to hear what it has to offer. Or you can just download it, I don't care.

1. New windows interface: Clicking on an editor button will bring up that editor in a separate window which can be scaled and moved around the screen. Resizing is useful when working in different resolutions, so that the controls will always be visible.
2. XvT importing and exporting: If you are somebody who still likes to make mods for XvT and BoP, this will save OPTs in the XvT format without any effort on your part.
3. Mesh hiding checkbox: If you are working on complex OPTs that convolute the display, you can hide certain meshes so that you can concentrate on a particular part of the model.
4. Value increment: Now, instead of having to type in new values, you can optionally increment and decrement the values by holding down the page up and page down keys, respectively. Holding down the page keys for an extended period of time increases the rate at which the value increments. Also, the Update buttons have been removed. to update a value, just hit enter or click elsewhere on the screen.
5. Texture list refreshing: to refresh the texture list in the texture sub-editor, just right-click it.
6. Improved help file: The help file has been updated to reflect the changes in v1.0, and a terminology section has been added which you can reference when you aren't familiar with a particular OPT term.
7. Software vector calculation (resolution): A new menu item has been added to the Calculate menu which can be used to quickly zero out the software vectors. This is known to improve the resolution of textures in OPTs. However, calculation of software vectors for compatibility is still disabled (I'm working on it though!).
8. Texture quantity error check: If your model uses more than 100 textures, OPTech will alert you that this is a no no.

1. Improved OPT support: More OPTs are supported with importing.
2. Improved OBJ support: The OBJ importing code has been fixed up a bit.
3. Unused texture IDs removed: With previous versions, texture IDs would remain listed in the texture lists even when they weren't used in the OPT. Now, OPTech cleans up the lists and manages the texture IDs more efficiently. This required upgrading the OPZ format to v1.1, and your OPZ files will be automatically updated when you open them.
4. Target ID storing: Unbelievably, there was a somewhat offensive bug that went unnoticed in all previous versions of OPTech. The target ID in the hitzone editor would store erroneous values instead of the value that you specified. You can see this for yourself, just open up one of your OPZ projects and you may notice that your target ID is a negative number. Fortunately, this does not seem to have a big impact on the workings of the OPT.
5. Hitzone error checking: The hitzone error check won't complain when your hitzones are perfectly fine.

That's it as far as features and fixes go. Be sure to check the help file out if you want to know how to do something within the program. I hope you all enjoy OPTech v1.0 more than I enjoyed making it.

You heard it here, well SECOND Hand, so what the hell you still here for, go and download it

Sunday, April 21, 2002 top

New Opt From Jedi Outcast

The New Opt in question is the Raven's Claw, as seen in Jedi Knight II : Jedi Outcast

I have to admit that I didn't actually make the DXF from scratch, it was quite easy to extract the 3DS from Outcast and trace over it, then change a few things on the model, same with the textures, why make them when they are already made for you, all I had to do was to cut them out alter them to fit and place them on the opt :D

The file comes in ZIP format, with MXvTED *shp file, Skirmish Picture and Release Notes (Which may I NOTE includes BHE stats)

Oh and by the way, there IS NOT a Cockpit Opt for this craft

You can download the Raven's Claw from the Transports Section


Tuesday, March 26, 2002 top

Battle for Naboo Strategy Guide Uploaded

Another Strategy Guide finished and uploaded for you

to find out more either use this link Strategy Main Menu or the link down the menu bar


Thursday, March 21, 2002 top

Uploaded NEW Strategy Guides

Something new for you, Cheats, Trainers and Walk-through section is now on-line, well some of them anyhow.

The featured sections so far are:

  • X-Wing
  • TIE Fighter
  • X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
  • X-Wing: Alliance
  • Rogue Squadron
  • Shadows of the Empire
  • Episode 1: Racer

Check out the new Graphics and see what you think

to find out more either use this link Strategy Main Menu or the link down the menu bar

Friday, March 15, 2002 top

New XWA Pilotfile Viewer 3001 (light)

Mycroft e-mailed me earlier today, informing me he had made a newer version of his XWA Pilotfile Viewer 3001, this is what he has to say about the new version: -

If you wish you will not have to see all those "save log" popup windows every time you close the program. You can disable this in the settings window.

  • New data available for you to view
  • total number of fired laser rounds
  • Number of laser rounds to hit target
  • Laser hit percentage. (calculated)

I'm pretty sure these values are just shows the tour Of duty data. It's quite boring to fly missions and count lasers / warheads so I just have not search for the Azzameen or Multiplayer data. =)

Minor, non-visual, updates in the code that saves changes to the plt file.

Other very small changes here and there...

You can either download it from the Pilot Editors/Viewers section or from his website at XWA Pilotfile Viewer 3001

Oh and if you still wondering about the Cheats, Trainers and Walk-through section it will be up soon, this is one reason you haven't seen anything else from me in a while.

Thursday, February 21, 2002 top

New Opt Viewer Released!

BiosBoy has released his new Opt Viewer utility!

His new viewer uses DirectX 8 TrueVision3D to display a 3D view of the model, It features the most up to date information on opts, it's able to read any X-Wing Alliance Opt's, X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter Opt's and Balance of Power opts.

to find out more and download it please visit his website BiosBoys Blaster Shop

Oh! and if you think I've forgotten the Cheats, Trainers and Walk-throughs, I haven't they will be up soon, I've just had a little trouble with my HHD, so I have had to format and reinstalled everything so I'm just getting back to normal again.

Sunday, February 03, 2002 top

Darksaber's X-Wing Station is BACK!

That's Right!

Darksaber's X-Wing Station

It's Your One Stop Utility Shop

For Everything From

Tie Fighter™ to X-Wing: Alliance™]

Coming Soon!

Cheats, Trainers and Walk-through's for all your Star Wars® Games

Tuesday, January 22, 2002 top

XIS Update

Defiant has another update of XIS for you, this it what he has to say about it: -

I've made some much-needed updates to XIS, mostly preventative measures, but another to address DAT installation now that more is known about them. Some people have been having trouble (Since 2.6?) uninstalling mods, but so far I haven't been able to recreate the problem. It will delete the backup log, but leave all of the other files intact. Contact me if you (still) run into the problem and I'll try to find some sort of common ground.

Changes: -

  • New command: AddtoResData
  • Error checking for ZT patches. This should prevent a corrupted patch from writing past the end of the file and making it bigger.
  • Removed the extension checking from 2.4. It was more trouble than it was worth, and wasn't really all that secure.
  • Some fixes to the backup system, the script parser, and the InstallMissionVoice command.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the release notes box.

Like Defiant said "if you (still) run into problems uninstalling mods" please use his forums at Defiant's Flying Temple and explain the problem in detail so he can try to find some sort of common ground.

Downloads the new version from Defiant's Flying Temple

Friday, January 18, 2002 top

OPTech v0.9 Available

Jedi Hunter has been quiet for while now, but he's come up trumps again, with the release of OPTech version 0.9, this is what he has to say about it: -OPTech has reached a new stage of development, version 0.9. Here is the low-down on the current version


  • Some more hardpoints and mesh types have been added to their respective lists. This should also increase compatibility with existing Opts
  • A problem with importing OPZ files has fixed.
  • Correct model dimensions are reported.
  • The rotational up/down key controls were reversed previously. This has been fixed.
  • The translation editor has been renamed to "transformation editor".
  • Normal's can no longer be directly edited. Since they have to be perpendicular to the face anyway, I decided there was no need to provide a way to alter them.
  • A help menu has been added for easy access to the help file.
  • The face count tool now provides separate tri and quad face counts.
  • Texture multiplying and magnifying buttons are added to the texture sub editor. Users of ACE will be more familiar with the term "tiling".
  • A button has been added to flip the face normal's of the selected faces.
  • The graphical display will draw the faces depending on the orientation of their face normal's Because of this, the graphical display accurately represents how the model will be rendered in the game.
  • One new error check: face normal-to-vertex order correspondence. (See the help file for an explanation of this

In addition, I have improved the help file so that it includes pictures and diagrams of how to use OPTech and provides visual aids for understanding various OPT characteristics, such as texture co-ordinates and vertex ordering.

Also, Jedi Hunter has trimmed out all unnecessary runtime files and everything needed to run OPTech is included in the zip. Head over to XvT Technologies to get the latest in OPT development or you can download it here from the Opt Editors Section.

Well, looks like version 1.0 will be next. Jedi Hunter will try to think of some really nice additions for that one.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002 top

Fighters Fixed

OK! I made new 202 files and have thoroughly tested the A-wing, B-wing and ANH TIE Fighter, this time (Fingers Crossed) they are fine, and you can go ahead and download them again.

Along with the changes to the fighters I have made some changes to the links, for all files, I have removed the swf download links and replaced them with normal links.

Ok Hope you enjoy them and again I apologise for the bug in the previous versions

Tuesday, January 15, 2002 top


There is a BIG problem with the ZT/202 files in these two Xmods.

Basically they got screwed somewhere along the line.

This goes for everyone who have downloaded the new versions.

Delete both the A-wing and B-wing from your HD, DO NOT INSTALL THEM! They WILL screw up your XWA.exe

May I also point out that this has nothing to do with XIS what so ever.

and I am profoundly sorry if they HAVE already screwed up your exe. But then again you take that risk when installing them and I won't be held responsible for your own actions.

You install them at your own risk!

Fixed versions will be available soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2002 top

So What's ?

Well, I know it's a little late, but I wish everyone A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Next, as you might have seen from the pictures down the side I have released the New B-wing and A-wing, both opt's have had a total overhaul.

First the B-wing has been totally resized to 18.5m in length; the hull textures have had a slight makeover making them sharper in appearance.

The main changes are to the cockpit pod, due to the limitations of Ace Dxf's rotational application at the time the first B-wing was made the cockpit pod was in one mesh, but with the advancements made with OPTech, manually editing the rotational axis's, I was able to split the pod in to several different meshes, enabling me to add more detail to each part.

Like I said the main changes where to the cockpit, this includes the B-wing Cockpit Opt, I have totally remade this, adding more detail i.e. levers, chair (By Sergione), screens and so on, scraping the old textures and making totally new ones.

Secondly the A-wing now comes with an improved cockpit interior with completely new textures, new pilot, chair (By Sergione), and engines, and all three opt have enhances textures making them slightly sharper.

Both the B-wing and A-wing now come with a LOD installed.

The Next NEW Opt is the Republic T.I.E. this opt is made for a French Shipset project at Version Intégrale - Xwing Alliance and will be released soon.

The Republic T.I.E it's self is one of the oldest serving craft from Sienar Fleet Systems, used by the Old Republic it first saw service during the Clone Wars.

Armed only with 2 medium class lasers and lacking shields its agility made up for its weakness. The Republic TIE was often deployed in overwhelming numbers to compensate for its weakness.

After the Wars, production of the Republic TIE was brought to a halt, due to the take-over of Sienar Fleet Systems by the Empire and the introduction of faster craft.

In later year the Republic TIE, now an old craft can still be found in small numbers in remote Outer Rim Sectors, used by pirate clans.

Last but not least is the Star Wars: A New Hope TIE Fighter, basically, it the XWAUP TIE Fighter but has the Gray hull that was seen the the ANH Film.


You can download the B-wing and A-wing from the XWAUP Alliance Fighters Section and the Republic T.I.E. and ANH TIE Fighter can be downloaded from the Imperial Fighters #1 Section.

Please take NOTE that the ANH TIE Fighter is in XMOD format as it is meant as a replacement to the standard TIE Fighter, which will have had to be installed beforehand, as the ANH TIE uses the the Standard Tie Fighter cockpit.

Sorry but this will not be made into a Zip format with *.Shp file.

The Republic T.I.E. is in zip format and comes with a MXvTED *.Shp file and stats for BHE installation.

Other News Abolisher has revamped his website Abolisher's Mission Command Outpost and uploaded some more missions from his Ashgard Campaign.

Talking of revamps Hawkeye1 from Polaris Fleet Systems has also changed his design and website, check both of these sites out now!

Oh Yeah nearly forgot, the guys at XWAUP have released a few more opts for your pleasure.

Are you still here? You should be downloading the New Opt by now, so what the hell you waiting for?

Any comments are welcome on the forum

Can I also mention if anyone comes across ANY broken links can you e-mail me ASAP so I can correct them.

Thank you and enjoy

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