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XwA CBM Viewer

Description:  This application allows you to view XwA *.cbm file and save them to bmp.

Author:  XwA CBM Viewer is Copyright © David Lovejoy (StealthJedi) 1999

Authors Website: Unknown


CBM Viewer v1.1

Description:  This viewer can display the images and animations from these files and write them to Windows Bitmap files.

Author:  CBM Viewer version 1.1 is Copyright © Klaus Reimer 2001

Authors Website:  Unknown


X-Wing Alliance Cutscene Player v1.0

Description:  This is just a little XWA movie player. It plays the Smush file format used in XWA. These files are located in the MOVIES directory on both of the game's disks. The files have the extension '.snm'.

He managed to link to the TGSMUSH.dll file and figured out what the parameters of the Smush functions meant. TGSMUSH.dll is the Smush engine used in XWA to play the movies. You have the option to save the current frame to BMP format. Maybe a future version will save the Smush movie to AVI but right now, I don't have the time to implement it.

If somebody out there is able to play Smush movies from other 'totally Games' games, please tell Isildur about it. As far as he knows, XWA is the only game using this type of Smush format. Older Lucasarts games used a different kind of Smush format.

Contact:  Please if anyone uses this or any or the other utilities Isildur has made, please give him feedback, even if there isn't a problem. you can contact him at v_d_d@yahoo.com

Author(s):  XCP 1.0 is Copyright © Isildur 2002

Authors Website:  Virtual D@t@ Design


X-Wing and TIE Fighter 95 Compatibility Fix

Description:  This compatibility fix when installed will provide Windows 2000/XP with the compatibility settings required for these operating systems to run the X-Wing Collector Series and X-Wing Trilogy versions of X-Wing & TIE Fighter (Also known as X-Wing 95 & TIE Fighter 95) with Hardware 3D Graphics acceleration turned on. The fix also stops the TIE Fighter Launcher from asking you to install DirectX 5.2.

System Requirements of this Compatibility Fix:
  • Operating System: Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or Higher or Windows XP
  • Windows 95/98/ME versions of X-Wing & TIE Fighter that were included in Star Wars X-Wing Collector Series & Star Wars X-Wing Trilogy

Note 1: This fix does not work with the old versions of X-Wing & TIE Fighter as these were MS-DOS games not Windows games.

Note 2: Windows 2000 users need to have the Microsoft Application Compatibility toolkit installed which is available from Microsoft

Contact Information:  If you have any problems with the fix that ARE NOT covered in the Rearme.doc, email Cwagle The Jedi with X-Wing and TIE Fighter 95 Compatibility Fix as the subject to ccp_27_82@hotmail.com

Author(s):  XWTIE95 1.0 is Copyright © Cwagle The Jedi 2005


Pcx2Act v0.1b

Description:  This Utility converts PCX files to ACT files compatible with XvT/BoP.

Author:  Pcx2Act v0.1b is Copyright © andreas Juhlin [HAYWiRE] 1998

Authors Website:  Unknown

Visual Basic Run-Time Files

Visual Basic 5 Learning Edition Runtime Files

Description:  File needed to run such files as Demon's Bin Hex Edit.

Note: BHE will not run unless you have the proper Visual Basic 5.0 Learning Edition Runtime Files installed in your computer already.

Download VB5

Visual Basic 6 Run Time Files

Description:  Files that might be needed to run Shipset launcher 2000, X-Wing Launcher, OPTech and Bin Hex Edit.

Note: Click on the EXE to install

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