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X-Wing Alliance Dat Customizer ver 1.0

Note: This versions includes the VB support files need to run XDC, there is a smaller version available from Virtual D@t@ Design, but I would recommend you download and install this version.

Description:  This tool gives you the ability to view, export and edit the bitmap resources contained in the .dat files located in the XWing Alliance Resdata folder. You can also create new custom dat files. This tool will eventually replace Datech, the only other .dat editor, which is in an unfinished state and can only edit a small portion of the dat resources.

Author: XDC ver 1.0 is Copyright © Isildur 2003

Authors Website:  Virtual D@t@ Design


DATech ver 0.72

Description:  This utility will allow you to add custom made HUD, Map icons and Ship pictures.

Author: DATech and Mapicon are Copyright © Patrick Darbon 2001

Authors Website:  Unknown

Note: Remember to make backups of all the files you edit, as this is a beta version and you use it at your own risk (Though may I add I haven't had any problems with it what so ever).


Here are a few sample bitmaps that you could use if you so wished, some of the craft I made some I didn't. They're not fantastic, so maybe you could do better.
All bitmaps have to be 32x32 256 colours to import into DATech.

You can also download a NEW BHE Module to change the values for the new Icons from the BHE Modules Section.

Download the Icons pack here

Download Icon Pack

top row
Naboo Fighter, Royal Naboo Starship, Sith Infiltrator, Moldy Crow, E-Wing, Rapier Starfighter, Colonial Viper, Starviper, V-38

Bottom row
TIE Shadow, TIE Rapier, TIE Vanguard,TIE Lambda, TIE GT, TIE Gunship, TIE Drone, TIE Cyclone, TIE Clutch.

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