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I would like to thank all the people involved in making or contributing to these utilities and applications.

David Lovejoy (StealthJedi), Harry Knowlman (Lt Hag), Derek del Rio (Jedi Hunter), Michael anderson, Froggie aka. Velan,
D. V.Souza (Demon), NeXeH, Marcus Edson, Zoe Zenobia, CEO Trident, Draconious, Brian, Drakken, Patrick Darbon,
Matt, Darksaber, JC, Jonathan Harmon (Hell Raiser), David Conner, Troy Dangerfield, Mark Samios, Galadriel,
Leslie3D, Kybo Ren, Martin Kool, SBC_Nemesis, Marcin Wichary, Brian Conneen, Craig Urquhart aka (UGG_BOOT),
andreas Juhlin [HAYWiRE], Evan Sabatelli, Finolfin, MC Mycroft, Araz Yusuf, Jonas Nordlund,
Klaus Reimer, Isildur, Ooc.

and to all the other people who have helped, advised, tested and reported bugs, their names are too many to mention, but they know who they are.
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