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These opt's where created for the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project in a attempt to visually enhance the craft in the X-Wing: Alliance game.
Though you can download them here, you can also download them from XWAUP.
Azzameen Family Base
Model by: Darksaber
Textures by: Darksaber
Opted by: Darksaber
Azzameen Family Base v2

Azzameen Station, also known as Azzameen Home Base, was the space station residence of the Azzameen family and the headquarters for its trading company, Twin Suns Transport Services, during the Galactic Civil War. Located in orbit of a volcanic planet in the Outer Rim Territories, the station hosted a number of amenities for the Azzameens and their company's employees, including a holosimulator and a hangar large enough to store and service several YT-series light freighters, including the family's twin YT-1300s, Sabra and Selu, and the YT-2000 Otana. Azzameen Station's design was unique in the galaxy, with its distinctive semi-circular arms flanking a tall central tower.

Shortly after the war's pivotal Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY, family patriarch tomaas Azzameen thought it time to teach his youngest son, Ace, the family business. Assisted by his siblings throughout his piloting training, Ace conducted a number of missions from Azzameen Station. During Ace's training, tomaas, sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance's cause, planned to covertly deliver a black-market supply of the healing substance bacta to the Alliance XQ2 Platform Hospital and requested his family's help. However, the delivery ended disastrously for the Azzameens, who lost tomaas and his eldest son, Galin, in the ensuing battle; the Azzameens, labeled traitors to the Galactic Empire for their actions, were forced to flee the family's holdings, including Azzameen Home Base, which were captured and turned over to Viraxo Industries, a competing trading company allied with the Empire.

Later, the station was occupied by a collection of mercenaries who renamed it Falcon's Nest and erected a number of static defenses to protect the unarmed structure. After the mercenaries interrupted a meeting between the Alliance and the Bothan Spynet, the Rebels requested members of the Azzameen family to find the mercenary base. Ace, now a decorated starfighter pilot in the Alliance Fleet, and his sister, Aeron, tracked the mercenary bulk cruiser Redhawk to Falcon's Nest. Upon arrival, the Azzameens were shocked to realize it was their old home. Acting on this information, the Alliance launched a mission to liberate the station from the mercenary group, in which Ace participated alongside his civilian siblings, Aeron and Emon. After the destruction of the external defenses, an Alliance strike team captured Falcon's Nest, and Aeron thwarted the mercenaries' attempt to destroy the station. With the mercenaries routed, the Alliance took control of the station. As thanks for the Azzameens' continued assistance, Azzameen Station was returned to the family, who restored its original moniker.
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