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These opt's where created for the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project in a attempt to visually enhance the craft in the X-Wing: Alliance game.
Though you can download them here, you can also download them from XWAUP.
Lambda-class Shuttle
Model by: Darksaber
Original Base texture (Used with permission) by: Fabio Allamandri
Textures based on Fabio's by: Darksaber
Opted by: Darksaber
Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle

The Lambda-class shuttle is a cargo and passenger shuttle that was used by the Imperial fleet. The vessel has a stationary top wing and two folding bottom wings. In flight, the Lambda resembles an inverted "Y", and two lower wings fold up when the craft lands.

Lambda-class shuttles were originally designed by Sienar Fleet Systems. Sienar manufactures the shuttles, while Cygnus Spaceworks is subcontracted to manufacture a more heavily armed version of the ship. Cygnus recently has begun producing more lightly armed shuttles that are virtually identical to the Sienar model.

The Lambda has a heavily reinforced hull and multiple shield generators. The Sienar shuttle has three double laser cannons (one rear mounted) and two double laser cannons.

The Rebel Alliance used the stolen shuttle Tydirium to deliver a commando assault team to Endor's Forest moon. Using appropriated Imperial Command codes purchased from spies and a cover story claiming that they where delivering parts and technical crew, the Rebel team was led by General Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and Luke Skywalker managed to infiltrate the Imperial base on Endor and eventually to destroy the Shield protecting the unfinished second Death Star.

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Millennium Falcon
Model by: Star Wars Galaxies & Master Qui-Gon
Textures by: Star Wars Galaxies & Master Qui-Gon
Additional Model & Texture Enhancements by: Darksaber
TFA additions by: Darksaber
Pilot Opts by: JKO and SWG
Opted by: Master Qui-Gon and Darksaber
Millennium Falcon v1.0 by Master Qui-Gon and Darksaber

A legendary starship despite its humble origins and deceptively dilapidated exterior, the Millennium Falcon has factored into some of the Rebel Alliance's greatest victories over the Empire. On the surface, the Falcon looks like any other Corellian freighter, with a saucer-shaped primary hull, a pair of forward cargo-gripping mandibles, and a cylindrical cockpit mounted to the ship's side.

Beneath its hull, though, the Falcon packs many powerful secrets. Its owners made "special modifications" on the freighter, boosting its speed, shielding and performance to downright illegal levels. Its weaponry has been upgraded to military-class quad laser turrets. to cover rapid escapes, the Falcon sports a ventrally mounted hatch-concealed antipersonnel repeating laser and between its forward mandibles rest concussion missile launchers. The habitable interior of the vessel also has a few surprises, such as concealed scanner-proof smuggling compartments.

The Falcon pays a heavy price for its augmented performance, though. It is extremely recalcitrant and often unpredictable. Its reconditioned hyperdrive often fails. Its current captain, Han Solo, has even been seen to restart a failed ignition sequence with a hard rap on the bulkhead with his fist.

A vessel employed in the shady fringe business of smuggling, the Falcon was owned by Lando Calrissian before Solo won it in a heated sabacc game. Under Solo's command, the Falcon became a famous starship, completing the Kessel Run at unprecedented speeds. Solo and his first mate Chewbacca maintained the Falcon, constantly modifying and tinkering with it, coaxing the maximum speed from the ship.

This speed became quite useful as Solo and Chewbacca were drawn deeper into the Rebel cause, and the Falcon began flying missions for the Alliance. It was the Falcon that provided covering fire for Luke Skywalker's final attack run on the first Death Star. The Falcon became Princess Leia Organa's escape transport during the Battle of Hoth. During the decisive Battle of Endor, the Falcon flew point for the Alliance Fleet. Under Lando Calrissian's command, it soared into the heart of the incomplete Death Star, and delivered a missile volley that helped seal the Empire's fate.

Modeling Notes

I've replaced the sensor dish with a rectangular version as seen in TFA, Han and Chewie remain at the helm when I made the changes to the TFA Falcon at that time I didn't know they killed off Han, so, sorry but no Rey flying the Falcon, but I have made Han look older.

NOTE: The Millennium Falcon comes in three versions :-
  1. Han Solo and Chewbacca
  2. Lando Calrissian and Niem Numb
  3. The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon
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Corellian Transport YT-1300
Model by: Star Wars Galaxies & Master Qui-Gon
Textures by: Star Wars Galaxies & Master Qui-Gon
Additional Model & Texture enhancements by: Darksaber
Pilot Opts by: JKO and SWG
Opted by: Master Qui-Gon and Darksaber
Corellian Transport YT-1300 v1.0 by Master Qui-Gon and Darksaber

The ship is manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation (located in the Corellia system), which is one of the largest and oldest starship manufacturers. The company primarily produces civilian vessels, although it occasionally builds specialized warships for markets not given attention by Kuat Drive Yards and similar corporations. Its ships (civilian or otherwise) range in size from a few meters to several kilometres, depending on the application. Nonetheless, CEC is best known for its moderately-armed, easily-modified freighters.

YT-1300 was one of the most versatile freighters, from the Corellian Engineering Corporation, on the market. By the time of A New Hope, the 1300 was an aging model, losing out to the newer YT-2400s. The upgradeability of the freighter was the only thing that kept them around.

The durable freighters had far too much un-used space to truly be classified as a "Light Stock Freighter." The high-grade power plant, capable of supporting heavy quad lasers, helped to make YT-1300s one of the most modifiable ships of all time. The Corellian Engineering Corporation knew from the start that they'd make more money selling 1300s to smugglers than they would to traders.

The 27 metre long ships sported only one light laser cannon upon purchase, but many of the freighters were upgraded with powerful laser turrets, concussion missiles, and sensor jamming that rivals that of capital ships. The CEC still manufactures, and makes a small fortune off of, upgrade kits for 1300s, despite the fact that they were originally produced 30 years before the Battle of Yavin.

The only real disadvantage to these ships is the off-centre cockpit, which can confuse inexperienced pilots. However, an upgraded sensor package will more than make up for this, and no-one who's flown one of the ships for long has any trouble with the oddly-placed cockpit.
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