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These opt's where created for the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project in a attempt to visually enhance the craft in the X-Wing: Alliance game.
Though you can download them here, you can also download them from XWAUP.
Calamari Hangar
Model by: Darksaber
Textures by: Darksaber
Opted by: Darksaber
Calamari Hangar

The hangar is a hive of activity, the mechanics, landing crew you name it, it all happens here!

Due to the size of the new Shuttle, the original TG Hangar needed to be remade; well here it is in all its glory. The Hangar itself is around 2.5 times larger than the original, all new textures have been made mimicking the original textures. With the resize of the Hangar, came a few problems, the roof crane floated in midair. So to get around this problem I had to make a new one, the next problem came when positioning the Roof Crane, thank goodness for Optech.

When you install the Hangar you will notice one additional craft in the background the Corellian Transport YT-1300, can I just point out that this is the TG Corellian Transport YT-1300 and not the XWAUP version. One thing that has been has is to rescale it to 35m, but this is hardly noticeable in the background.

Along with the Calamari Hangar you can download some Hangar Extra's from the Droids Opt Section

XwA Download Exe

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 Droids Hangar Extra's
Droids Hangar Extra's
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