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These opt's where created for the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project in a attempt to visually enhance the craft in the X-Wing: Alliance game.
Though you can download them here, you can also download them from XWAUP.
Preybird Fighter
Concept Model by:
Final Model by: Darksaber
Hull Textures by: M&M (Jonathan Eloff)
Cockpit Textures by: Darksaber
Pilot Textures by: Darksaber
Opted by: Darksaber
SoroSuub Corporation Preybird Fighter

Heavy assault starfighter. Except for a sturdier hull, it is inferior to the X-Wing in every way. Commonly used by pirates and bounty hunters.

The Dxf was originally made by Wraith1, the pilot was made by Saxman, the Hull textures where made by M&M (Jonathan Eloff) and the Cockpit & Pilot textures where made by yours truly.

This is also the first fighter to have a coloured Pilot, also instead of a Xmod its in its own EXE file. Don't worry it's compatible with or without the Ultimate Craft Pack, and it also correct a small error with the Preybird in the UCP.

XwA Download Exe

R-41 Starchaser
Original Model by: Wraith1
Final Model: Darksaber
Hull Textures by: Flavid
Cockpit Textures by: Darksaber
Opted by: Darksaber
Hoersh-Kessel Drive, Inc. R-41 Starchaser

An outdated form of starfighter, the R-41 Starchaser is a favourite among pirates, but is still in limited use among the New Republic. These insectile ships are sleek, 14-meter-long fighters armed with 2 laser cannons and 2 ion cannons, with minimal 30-SBD shields protecting a 14-RU hull. These weak defences and low manoeuvrability make the R-41 an easy target for most current starfighters.

Similar to the Z-95 Headhunter, it is inexpensive and can be found throughout the galaxy. Ion cannons and slightly higher shield strength are the R-41's slight advantages over the Z-95. The R-41 is not normally equipped with a warhead launcher, although they can be installed to increase the R-41's firepower tremendously. The R-41 was a favourite starfighter of the Rneeki Pirates and was the mainstay of their small fleet. The ion cannons served them well since the Rneeki could use them to capture ships, their primary means of acquiring their fleet. The Rneeki were known to lay Type-B ion cannon mine fields around hyperspace nav buoys with the intent of disabling ships for capture.

XwA Download Exe

Z-95 Mark I Headhunter
Exterior Model by: Decoy
Cockpit Model by: Darksaber

Textures (Body) by:


Textures (Cockpit Interior) by:


Opted by:


Incom/Subpro Z-95 Headhunter v3

The Z-95 Headhunter is one of the most common fighters in the galaxy despite the fact that the design is older than most starfighter pilots. The starfighter is manoeuvrable, and its durability is legendary. Headhunter's often are found in planetary police forces, and many pirate and outlaw groups use these ships.

The original Z-95 Mark I Headhunter was designed as an atmospheric fighter craft that could be adapted to space travel. Mark I Headhunter's are twin-engine swing-wing craft. The bubble cockpit gives the pilot a clear field of vision. Z?95s typically have a set of triple blasters on each wing. While Z-95 Mark 1's aren't fast enough for space combat, their manoeuvrability gives them a clear advantage against starfighters that aren't streamlined for air combat.

Incom/Subpro designers made modest improvements with each model year, and the Z-95 fighters from the last production run are evenly matched against other fighters of that era. These later Headhunter 's are more likely to be found in operation today. The swing-wings were replaced with fixed wings, although manoeuvrability was maintained by adding manoeuvring jets. Another addition was a more heavily armoured starfighter canopy much like the one used in the X-wing, while heads-up holographic tactical displays were improved. The lust Z-95 models look like primitive X-wings, and with good reason-Incom's designers borrowed many Z-95 elements when designing the original X-wing fighter.
XwA Download Exe
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