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1.0   Updates and Fixes
2.0   Minimum Requirements
3.0   Installer Features
4.0   Skip Cutscene Options
5.0   Original Modified Mission Fix History
6.0   New DLL Features
    6.1   XWA DDraw D3D11
    6.2   TGSmush v2.1
    6.3   XWA Hooks
7.0   New Craft Empty Slot No.
8.0   XWAUP Craft NOT in the DSUCPv2.6
9.0   FAQ
10.0   Enabling DirectPlay on Windows 8/8.1/10
11.0   Contributors
12.0   Known Issues
13.0   End-User License Agreement
14.0   DSUCPv2.6 Download

1.0   Updates and Fixes
DSUCPv2.6 Update & Fix – March 16, 2019
  1. Included in the installer are all the latest Hooks by Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) as of February 26, 2019.

  2. The TIE Resolution options have been removed from the installer; I felt they were no longer necessary as most people use a widescreen option, when the TIE Cockpits where first made, the model screens used to line up with those on screen, which at the time was pretty cool.

  3. I might have removed the TIE Resolutions, but I’ve added a Widescreen Resolutions option to the installer, basically you have a choice of 7 different Widescreen Resolution to choose from or you can decide to leave it as default and edit your own widescreen option at a later time using Reimar's XWA Hacker.

  4. Another change to the installer is the ability to select your own Destination Folder, but be warned, it still has to be a valid XWA installation directory, otherwise it won’t install, and you’ll either have to reinstall XWA or select another valid destination.

  5. Another addition to the Required Media section of the installer is the addition of the Humble Trove version of XWA.

  6. We also now have a SLAM system thanks to Justagai who initially found the offsets and to Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) who created the Slam Hook. If you’re not sure what a SLAM is, it means ‘SubLight Acceleration Motor’ was an overdrive system that allowed the Missile Boat to double its sublight speed. This hook enables the SLAM system when the K key is pressed.

  7. All of the TIE Cockpits models have also had a slight overhaul as they have or should I say had a limited view which made it difficult to see the gameplay, I usually ended up turning the cockpit off and I made them lol. A while ago DTM sent me a modified TIE Cockpit which allowed you to view more of the game play, so I’ve modified the entire range of cockpits to mimic the same design.

    I’ve changed the front window to make the framing slightly thinner, moved everything forward and scaled most of the instruments in front of you to around 40-50% thinner to allow you to be seated (so to speak) nearer the window, giving you a better view of the game play.

    The Cockpits now also have holes cut in the panelling left and right of your viewpoint, representing view screens, again to see more of the game play.  I’ve updated a few of the textures, but the cockpits are still not movie accurate, so don’t build your hopes up that much.

  8. Advanced Basic OPT Project came about as a result by DTM, when he created his Actis Interceptor, more than ten years ago (2005), He proposed to use the Exterior model as a base model. Maybe someone can remember it. Unfortunately the result was not the best, so he abandoned the idea.

    Then recently talking with Driftwood, DTM realized that the method was wrong, but the idea was still good: thanks to the best performance of today's PC, we could achieve a good result by modifying the base OPTS of the fighters and transport.

    DTM has added the cockpit, pilot and transparency to the basic OPTs, and by removing the smaller items that can be seen in the exterior OPT’s such as the joysticks, targeting computer, canopy's pistons etc. , and by reducing the size of the added textures, the game engine could well withstand the increase in details. It was also very important to set the LOD distance of the additional meshes, so pilot and other meshes don’t appear until you get within 1 klick of the craft.

    So DTM and I (Darksaber) set about adding the Pilot, Cockpit and Interiors to the base opts. All fighter type craft and a few shuttle type craft have had the ABOP treatment.

  9. While altering the TIE Fighters to include the Cockpit etc. I (Darksaber) decided to recolour all the TIE’s, The Blue coloured textures that Decoy originally made only came about as a result of the Blue TIE Fighters seen in ESB, but these days we know that was only due to the reflection of the Blue screen that made them look bluer than they actual where.

    We now know that they are actually a muted blue/green/grey colour, I’ve tried to recreate this colour and applied it to all the standard TIE’s and custom TIE’s, various textures have been updated and a few other modelling additions have also been added.

  10. With the addition of new Hooks by Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) another idea was proposed (again from DTM), Since we added Landing Gear to the Shuttle many moons ago DTM’s proposal was to add Landing Gear to most of the playable Starfighters, it works on the same principle as the S-Foils.

  11. So DTM set about adding Landing gear to the X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, Z-95, T-Wing and has done a wonderful job, later came the Missile Boat that I added the landing gear too and the Gunboat which again DTM added to (More on the Gunboat in a minute). The B-Wing does not have landing gear due to the way the craft rotates.

  12. The Assault Gunboat has had a major overhaul, The wings and laser cannons have been reworked by DTM to introduce S-Foils, and to give to this imperial fighter a more aggressive and powerful aspect.

    All external textures have been repainted in HD by DTM, following the old lines designed by the original author (Matt). and to colour match the TIE’s, some small details have been added by DTM, thanks to the HD features.

    The textures of the wings are all new again by DTM, and introducing a new art of Flightgroup colours.

  13. I’ve been tinkering with the Y-Wing textures again and have come up with a better colour scheme, oh and the T-Wing, I’ve removed the R5 unit as it was to the wrong scale, and I’ve muted the colours of the textures as I’ve never really liked the Yellowish of the textures.

  14. The Firespray (Slave1) has had an overhaul, with the addition of the S-Foils Hook by Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr), I had the idea of trying to get the craft to rotate 90 degrees so the engines would be facing downwards in the landing position like we first see in ESB, I couldn’t get the angles right, so with a bit of tinkering from Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) to the S-Foils Hook and DTM coming up with a solution to the angle rotation together we have managed to get the Firespray to rotate exactly how we wanted it to.

  15. Additional craft since the release of DSUCPv2.6 include:-

    • DTM’s Imperial Research Station – Based on the Imperial Construction Modules as seen in Star Wars Rebels.

    • Darksaber and Driftwood updated Luxury Yacht – Which now includes Cockpit and Interior.

    • Driftwood and Darsaber’s New Rebel Platform – A totally different design from the original Rebel Platform.

    • A new member called Warb_Null (a prolific modeller of numerous games) joined the team with his take on the Satellites and Comm Relay.

    • Darksaber’s Lambda Shuttle also had an upgrade, thanks to Driftwood we now have a Cockpit for the Shuttle, which mean we also have an Exterior model, and with special thanks to Rich C for supplying Driftwood with the Rogue Squadron IIIShuttle Gunner Interior we also have a working Rear Gunner Turret.

    • In addition the textures for the Shuttle have had a HD overhaul and Darksaber has also added Flightgroup colours :-
        Standard Shuttle with no makings
        Imperial Logo on the dorsal wing
        Rebel Logo on the dorsal wing
        Emperor Palpatine's personal Lambda Shuttle with a grey stripe that runs down the front of the cockpit
        and 9 different optional Exterior models to choose from, Imperial officers, Rebel officers etc.

    • DTM also got in on the act of updating craft with his version of the Nebulon-B Frigate or should I say 4 different versions ranging from:-
      • Standard: with a single deck hangar
        Strike: with a double deck hangar
        Carrier: with a multiple deck hangar (this is the version seen in the original TG games)
        Medical: the Redemption seen in the movie, no hangar!

    • Warb_Null gave us the wonderfully made and last on the list of General Fighters to do, the Pinook Fighter, a really great model with some cool new ideas, including an RX series droid and landing gear.

    • Warb_Null also gave us his awesome interpretation of the QX5 Platform

    • Darksaber and Driftwood also gave us a New CR90 Corvette, original model and textures are by andrew Barragan (Barraganap) and used with permission, you have a choice of 7 different versions.

    • The next craft from Warb_Null is his New Cargo Facility 2

    • Darksaber updated the A-Wing to include a new cockpit with HD textures based on the images of the A-Wing Cockpit from First Strike Star Wars Mod for Battlefield 2142.

    • General Trageton has updated his ATR-6 Assault Transport to include HD textures

    • Another release from General Trageton has been his stunning Space Colony 1

  16. Decoyís Z-95 HeadHunter has been removed from the Installer, sorry but itís a little outdated compared to the DTMís version.

  17. DTM has been very busy in the past year or so, and has finished his Super Backdrop v2.0 this new version introduces new starfields, which characterize the different regions that are visited during the XWA campaign.

  18. The Imperial Star Destroyer 2 has had a bit of an update thanks to DTM, now comes with Flightgroup Colours:-
      Red = Empire
      Gold = Captured by the Rebel Alliance
      Blue = New Republic
      Green = Chimaera.

  19. DTM has also updated his Strike Cruiser, Rand Ecliptic and with HD texture and his R22 A-Wing again with HD Textures, Landing Gear and New Cockpit.

  20. A small update to the R-41 Starchaser, I (Darksaber) didnít like the strange shadowing caused by having a physical open tube for missile launchers on top of the main fuselage, So Iíve done a bit of remodelling and removed the tubes and made the fuselage a bit more streamlined, you wonít notice a different unless you compare the old and new models, Iíve also updated some of the textures to HD textures.

  21. With special thanks to ual002 we have NEW artwork for the Imperial Combat Chamber (only available when you select either the Imperial Star Destroyer Hangar and Imperial Concourse or Death Star II Hangar and Imperial Concourse). It also includes a small animated clip from the TIE Fighter - short film by Paul "OtaKing" Johnson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN_CP4SuoTU&t=6s ual002 has tried to contact the Author for permission to use the small clip, but never heard back from him. If the author complains about the usage Iíll have to remove the clip and re-release. ual002 has also provided for the Imperial XWA New Uniform and Ranks which have been included.

  22. Lasers and Ions have had a makeover with the addition of Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) the Weapons Color Hook, Darksaber has updated all the Laser and Ion Opts, You now have two choices of Lasers, the Standard XWA Lasers and the Star Wars BattleFront 2 Lasers.

      Standard XWA Lasers consist of:-
      Imperial Lasers = Green with a Yellow core
      Rebel Lasers = Red with a Qrange/Yellow Core

      Star Wars BattleFront 2 Lasers consist of:-
      Imperial Lasers = Green with a White core
      Rebel Lasers = Red with a White Core

      Additionally each Laser opt now have 9 FlightGroup Colours to choose from
      Green/Red = 0 (Depending on LaserImp or LaserReb)
      Red/Green = 1 (Depending on LaserImp or LaserReb)
      Purple = 2
      Yellow = 3
      LightBlue = 4
      Blue = 5
      RedPurple = 6
      BluePurple = 7
      Black = 8

      Ion Lasers come with 4 different FlightGroup Colours to choose from:-
      LightBlue = 0
      Blue = 1
      RedPurple = 2
      BluePurple = 3

      Please Note: I have also reversed the way you know select the Laser installation options.

      The old v2.5 and previous method was:-
      Option 1) All Standard XWA Lasers plus Short, Medium and Large Turbo Lasers (Default Install)
      Option 2) All Standard XWA Lasers plus Short Turbo Lasers
      Option 3) All Standard XWA Lasers ONLY
      Option 4) Original TG Lasers – No Change

      The New v2.6 Options are:-
      Option 1) All Standard XWA Lasers ONLY (Default Install)
      Option 2) All Standard XWA Lasers plus Short Turbo Lasers
      Option 3) All Standard XWA Lasers plus Short, Medium and Long Turbo Lasers
      Option 4) All Star Wars BattleFront 2 Lasers ONLY (Default Install)
      Option 5) All Star Wars BattleFront 2 Lasers plus Short Turbo Lasers
      Option 6) All Star Wars BattleFront 2 lasers plus Short, Medium and Long Turbo Lasers
      Option 7) Original TG Lasers – No Change

      So if you want all the bells and whistles you’ll have to pay more attention to which you install.

  23. To take advantage of Weapons Color Hook you may notice a few changes to the colour of the Lasers and Ions from certain craft, it’s not a bad change, it just takes a little getting used too, it’s probably not canon but who cares. If you don’t like what we have come up with you can blame DTM, he came up with what craft fire which colour laser.

  24. While I’m on the subject of Lasers, I’ve removed the Laser Count from 64 to 256 Option, as if applied it was putting the missions way out of balance and usually unplayable. If you wish to apply the patch you can do so by using Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) Xwa Exe Patcher.

  25. At the beginning of the year (Jan 2019) Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) updated the hooks to add support for *.ini files per-craft or per-mission, (Please Note: the.txt files are still supported) so instead of having to deal with countless *.txt files, in some cases 5 *.txt files per craft, this number has now been reduced to one *.ini files per craft which was a bit of a relief. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THESE FILES!

  26. Various other craft have been updated and tweaked in one way or another.
I think that’s about it, if I have missed anything then I apologise.
Update & Fix - January 24, 2018

Fixed the Y-Wing as it was only firing one Ion Cannon.
Added the fixed Melee Missions.
Changed the Laser Count option in the components page of the installer, if you want to install it, you will have to check the box now.
Update & Fix - January 22, 2018

Iíve streamlined some of the Craft Stats as some of the Calamari Cruisers Shield Power and Hull Rate was far too powerful, plus I messed up the Corellian Corvette type craft by setting them as Starships instead of Freighter/Transport, this has now been reversed fixing the problem, sorry about that.

JérémyaFr has created another new Hook called
Opt Limit Ė The opt vertices count per mesh is limited to 512. When a mesh contains more vertices than this limit, the game may crash when the mesh is hit. The hook fixes this crash, by default, the dll will use a value of 4096.
DSUCPv2.5 Update & Fix - January 16, 2018

Although no new craft have been added, Iíve fixed a few problems like the A-Wing was firing a missile when lasers where selected, Iíve also changed the opt names of the Red Squadron X-Wings, from XwingRed1.opt, XwingRed2.opt, XwingRed3.opt and so on, to just Xwing.opt as the longer names where causing a few problems, also fixed the Alt Cockpit on a few of the installation options.

The main reason for the upgrade to v2.5 was that JérémyaFr has updated the way the Hooks works, instead of the offsets being changed through patching the XwingAlliance.exe, the offsets are now implemented at runtime of the XwingAlliance.exe; he has also made a few tweaks to speed the framerate up.

JérémyaFr has also created a couple of NEW Hooks
Wingmen Voices - enables setting wingmen voices for imperial IFF
Mission Objects - allows you to replace Mission objects also the craft turrets are no longer limited to CorellianTransport2, MilleniumFalcon2, and FamilyTransport. You can now enable turrets for any craft.
DSUCPv2.5 Update & Fix - August 16, 2017

This update to the DSUCP only came about due to JérémyaFr and his never ending patience and persistence in searching the XwingAlliance.exe offsets to finding new additions to the game, his new finds include:-

S-foils for any craft slot
Pilot mesh animation for any craft slot
Adding custom starfield backdrops to Skirmish Missions, such as DTMs Super backdrops
Engine sound and weapon sound behaviour for any craft
Lastly but not least is the ability to increase the max number of simultaneous weapons in a mission, replacing the laser count from 64 to 256.

Note: The Laser count is an optional installation though, as I’m not sure how it will affect a mission, you can select this option through Optional Miscellaneous Files on the Select Components Screen.

Due to the updated DDraw.dll first created by JérémyaFr and continued by Reimer, there is no longer any need to run XwingAlliance.exe through Runfirst.exe, as the update by Reimer to the DDraw.dll sets CPU affinity to single core by default.

Warning NOTE: Youíll notice, when installed, if you look in the FlightModels folder there are lots of *.txt files with the craft names, firstly DO NOT DELETE THESE *.TXT FILES, they are very important to the smooth running of the new updates to the game as they control which craft has Pilot Mesh Animation, S-foils, Engine or Weapons sounds. While other *.txt file control what craft or object are in the Hangar, where it is placed in the Hangar and how far that object or craft is from the floor.

I’ve added DTM’s Pirate Ship Yard which was released on April 20, 2017

Numerous craft have been updated to allow for the S-Foils and Pilot Animation to work, some craft you’ll expect like the T-70 X-Wing which is in slot 35 or Escort Shuttle (slot 51), but then there are other craft with S-Foils that you wouldn’t expect that have S-Foils, but you’ll have to find out for yourselves by pressing the “V” key when you’re in a fighter. Most Fighters that have a pilot figure have an animated head, the only craft that doesn’t have a rotating head is the B-Wing or any variant of the B-Wing.

to put you out of your misery, hereís a list of craft with S-Foil:-

Slot1      X-Wing Fighter
Slot4      B-Wing
Slot12    Missile Boat
Slot16    Assault Gunboat
Slot17    Skipray Blastboat
Slot30    StarViper
Slot31    Firespray Attack Ship (Slave1)
Slot35    T-70 X-Wing
Slot36    Actis Interceptor
Slot38    ARC-170
Slot39    V-19 torrent
Slot41    Partisan X-Wing
Slot50    Lambda Shuttle
Slot51    Escort Shuttle
Slot61    Sentinal Landing Craft
Slot69    Sith Infiltrator
Slot70    Coruscant Courier

That should keep you busy for at least 30mins.

There have been a few changes with craft, that being said they are still the same craft, I’ve changed the StarViper from Hernan Barreiro’s to Tony Knightcrawler’s StarViper, which also has a basic Cockpit, the other Craft change are to the TIE Defender, the change is to the Missile Launchers. I’ve never really been that happy with the first two versions of the TIE Defenders Missile Launchers, so while creating a First Order variant of the TIE Defender, I redesigned the Launchers, and to me they are more aesthetically pleasing, so I applied them to a new version of the normal TIE Defender.

The TIEs have had a small update, they now have Flightgroup Colors as requested by Rookie_One1, the textures have had an update and a few modelling tweaks, namely the:-
TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
TIE Bomber
TIE Avenger
TIE Defender
They now resemble the TIE FG Colors found in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

The other TIE's have had a small overhaul of the textures and a few modelling details, these include:-
TIE Advanced x1 = updated textures
TIE X/1 Bizarro = larger gun and updated textures
TIE X/2 BigGun = larger guns and updated textures
TIE X/3 Warhead = larger launchers and updated textures
TIE X/4 Bomb = larger booster engine and updated textures
TIE X/5 Booster = larger booster engine and updated textures
TIE Lancer = updated textures

Sorry but you no longer have an option of which TIE Defender or TIE Fighter to install, as I removed the old TIE Defender MKI and MKII and the ANH TIE Fighter

The New Red Squadron X-Wings have been added as an option to install to Slot 1,

BUT……. While installing, all the other Red Squadron X-Wings including the default X-Wing will be installed in separate folders within a folder call X-Wing Squadron in the Flightmodels folder, within each folder you will find:-

Base, Exterior and Cockpit opts including an Alternate Cockpit.opt allowing a better view
MXvTED *.shp files for both the default cockpit and alternate cockpit
Hull_Icon.bmp, Map_Icon.bmp and Skirmish.bmp images to place in *.Dat files, (sorry but you’ll have to do this manually using the various editors.
You will also find text files, Pilot.txt, SFoil.txt and Sound.txt, these are to be copied to the flightmodels folder

Along with the X-Wing Red Squadron texture revamp, I’ve updated the default X-Wings textures and the B-Wing’s textures have also been updated

All the craft that either have SFoils, Pilot/Astromech head rotation have been tweaked to rotate now.

and now thanks to JérémyaFr you have engine sounds for every craft slot

The Missions had a shadowing problem, which has now been fixed.

I’ve included a new Fonts.dat by Behelith made original for Nvidia Cards but works very well with AMD cards
He adds
If you're playing X-Wing Alliance with XWA Upgrade and XWAhacker you'll probably notice some cut fonts. to solve the problem reduce the HUD scale to lower than 1.50 (e.g. 1.49 or lower) in XWA hacker.
For more info please visit https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11182#p151611

Lastly we now have NEW Custom Effects by Kiarand, which include:-
- Hyperspace
- Ion and laser cannon hit (both on shielded and unshielded targets)
- Disabled effect
- Jamming effect
- Tractor beam effect
- Flames and smoke when hit
- Particles when a craft explodes
- Explosions
- Internal cockpit sparks (Red or Blue)
- Sparks caused by laser shots

Warning NOTE: Iíve made Kiarandís Debris.dat an Optional install, as while testing, itís been pointed out to me that the New Debris Particles can be a little over powering on the eye, the more craft are destroyed.

I think that’s about it, unless JérémyaFr finds anything else
Update & Fix - February 1, 2016

Added DTM’s New Z-95 Headhunter - You now have 2 options to install the Z-95 Headhunter; the default installation is DTM’s Z-95 Headhunter or Decoy’s Old Z-95 Headhunter.
DSUCPv2.3 Update & Fix - June 21, 2015

Darksaber’s Ultimate Craft Pack v2.3 is now compatible with the STEAM version of X-Wing: Alliance, due to STEAM adding their DRM system to the XwingAlliance.exe making the exe incompatible with any of the individual craft installers and craft packs that are available. to remedy this, this installer will overwrite the XwingAlliance.exe with the Original XwingAlliance.exe from the discs enabling the game to be modified and updated, the only drawback to this as far as I can see is that it might not register on your STEAM account how many hours you have played, which as far as I can see is no big deal, as we’ve been playing X-Wing Alliance long before Steam or Disney got their hands on it.

Also I’ve added General Trageton’s excellent ATR-6 Assault Transport making this (I think?) the 116th upgraded craft.
Update & Fix - February 27, 2015

A massive thanks to JérémyaFr for all the hints, tips and fixes, you're a legend.

So what's fixed, well there were a couple of updates needed to XWA DDraw D3D11
Fixed concourse 3D scale, Fixed distorted starfield, Fixed distorted map grid, Fixed missing parts on concourse screenshots
Note: The scaling issue on briefing is not totally fixed.

DTM has also released a "NEW" Opt namely the Ferrboat Liner so this has also been added.

A report of a crash when a 3d model is shown in briefing, thanks to JérémyaFr again, the crash was related to the briefing wireframe overlay. There was a bug in the exe that lead to a buffer overflow when more than 8000 points are generated. Starting from 5000 points, there are missing parts, then starting from around 8100 points, the game crashed while loading the mission. The workaround was to disable the briefing wireframe overlay.

Fixes to the installer, reports came concerning the Disc version of the install, in where the installer couldn't find Disc 1, this has now been fixed.

I've fixed a couple of missions B4M1 and B6M1:-
B4M1 in Region 4 the Cargo Ferries kept crashing for some reason; I compared the craft with the other Cargo Ferries arrival orders, some of the settings where missing, so I corrected this and now the mission plays as it should.
B6M1 people were complaining they couldn't finish the mission, I tested it myself, each time on hard, and it just failed each time, on easy I tested it 4 or 5 time failing each time, a 6th time I managed to complete it, whether it's my age or lack of reaction these days I don't know, but I've edited the mission to make it easier and I can now complete it on hard.
You may call this cheating the mission, but sod it I'm getting on a bit now, my reactions and eyesight aren't what they used to be, but I wasn't the only one how couldn't complete these missions, so sue me!

I've fixed a problem with the Planetary Fighters, which where crashing the game.

I've fixed a problem with the B-Wing, while flying in mission it would fire missiles and lasers from the same position, but if you fly the B-Wing in skirmish everything was fine, a strange one this, I've solved this, so it fires correctly, but when still firing missiles/torpedoes in single fire mode it fires from only one side of the craft, but link the missiles/torpedoes they fire from both sides of the craft, just to confirm it had nothing to do with the upgraded craft I tested this with a vanilla install of XWA, the same thing happens with the missile/torpedoes, very strange I've never noticed this before.

Also a report came in regarding AI craft couldn't land on the Dreadnaught, a few days earlier I had been messing with some of the Hardpoints within the Opt, I've since fixed this, so AI craft should be able to land once again.

There was also a problem in GOG's version of XWA where the game is locked at 800x600, and you couldn't change the resolution, GOG have added Reimar's XWA Hacker patches to the exe, but they added the Force 800x600 patch, which basically locks out there other pre-set resolution, this has been fixed.
DSUCPv2.2 Update & Fix -January 22, 2015

With the release of the GOG.com version of X-Wing: Alliance, it’s forced my hand to release an update to the craft packs.
The main update to this installer is the addition of DTM’s Super Backdrops with thanks to JérémyaFr (Jérémy Ansel), who discovered the offsets in the X-wingAlliance.exe to insert higher resolution textures within the X-Wing Alliance game, it’s now possible to replace all the original backdrop images. Six months of work were needed for DTM to bring together more than 350 images, which now creates the backdrop of the game. The replacement of all the planets, nebulae, stars and asteroids was only the first step of a complete revolution of the game.

The second step was to invent a new starfield, created using the technique of merging multiple backdrops.

All the X-Wing Alliance missions including the Pilot Proving Grounds’ missions have been modified with the new backdrops and can be played enjoying a completely renovated scenario.

Along with the New Backdrop we’ve also added JérémyaFr’s New DDraw.dll and though not needed by the DSUCP we’ve added the new TGSmush.dll

JérémyaFr also created a new DLL that allows you to use custom hangars with every starship and allows you to customize individual Hangars within the game.

Look out for the changes to the Pilot Proving Ground Hangar.
Update & Fix - April 19, 2014

Marco finished his Zero-G Assault Stormtrooper, Zero-G Utility Worker and the System Patrol Craft; these have now been added to the installer.

Had reports of Glitches with a few craft which have now been fixed:-

1.    The R-41 Starchaser was launching warheads from the cockpit
2.    The toscan Fighter had the Ion cannons firing at the same time as the normal lasers.
3.    TIE Defender had the wrong firing pattern.
4.    As did the TIE Interceptor.
5.    The Shuttle was also reported as having lasers that fire in all directions, I have since removed the offending laser hardpoints.
6.    The Container Class E was replaced with an R2 Unit.
7.    The TIE Warhead with lasers, the lasers where firing as turrets, this has now been fixed.
8.    Problem selecting No Missiles or No Lasers, this has now been fixed.

I've added RunFirst to the shortcuts:-

RunFirst is a command line utility that lets you start an application on the first processor of a multi-processor system or on an hyper-threaded single processor system.

What this utility does is the same as what you can do using the Task Manager -> Set Affinity command.

RunFirst is useful to start an application that crashes when running on a multi-processor system. The runfirst.exe command can be inserted in a shortcut so that when you start an application the process affinity is automatically set to run on a single processor.

All possible craft slots have been filled, some by craft that were supposed to be in XWA but no Opt was supplied, the StarViper, Modified Strike Cruiser and Homing Mine A have now been incorporated into the game.

A New Y-Wing has been added which has new engines, cockpit and with better textures, by yours truly.

The B-Wing has been re-centered so it now pivots on the engine block when closing S-Foils instead of the cockpit as pervious I've also changed the pilots head to a more appropriate helmet.

A few other craft have had slight texture tweaks dumping down the brightness of the previous textures.

to cut a long story short each opt has been tweaked in some shape or form, but you will just have to find out for yourself which craft have been altered.
2.0   Minimum Requirements
Minimum requirements to install the craft packs, I would advise that it only be installed onto a machine that has

Windows 7

DirectX 11

1.4 GHz processor or higher


A Hard Drive that has at least an extra 3Gb of space available on it.

This includes between 700Mb to 1Gb of space for the installer.

Anything lower than these specs and I can't guarantee that you won't have performance problems.

Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack v2.6 has been tested with the following Operating System:-

Windows 7 Ultimate

Service Pack 1

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9450 @ 2.66 GHz 2.67Ghz

Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB

System Type: 64-bit Operating System

Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series

3.0   Installer Features

Please Note: That once installed you DON'T have to install every other installer or patch out there, the DSUCPv2.6 is up to date as of February 21, 2019.
When other XWAUP craft are available the list below will be updated

What happens when this program has been run?

  1. The DSUCP first searches the registry to see if the XwingAlliance.exe exist, if it's not found you will be asked to install X-Wing Alliance, but if found it will read the registry to determine which DIR, X-wing: Alliance was installed and use that install path to install the DSUCP.

  2. Next the DSUCP will detect if you have any previous versions of the DSUCP or TFTC installed if so it will ask you to uninstall them.

  3. Next the DSUCP will check to see if the Xwingalliance.exe is the correct version, if not you will be asked to install the LucasArts XWA 2.02 patch, this installer includes the 2.02 patch and will be extracted and run, please follow the on screen prompts. Please NOTE: You will not be able run the DSUCP without XWA being patched to version 2.02.

  4. If you have installed the DSUCP and try to run it again, you won't be able to unless you uninstall it first.

  5. When installing the DSUCP does not replace the XwingAlliance.exe, this is patched using a small custom .dll specifically made for NSIS by James (Defiant) Lupiani, called " XWSetup Module for NSIS", this .dll file enables the installer to both patch the XwingAlliance.exe and any text based files in the XWA Dir.

  6. The first screen that appears is a welcome screen, basically asking you to close all other applications before starting the setup.

  7. The next screen you will have to agree with the License terms before you can continue.

  8. The following screen is this readme file otherwise known as the release notes, please take the time to read this before continuing.

  9. The next screen, youíre able to select your destination folder where to install the craft pack, but be warned, it still has to be a valid XWA installation directory, otherwise it wonít install, and youíll either have to reinstall XWA or select another valid destination.

  10. When you come to the components screen, all the required setup files are selected by default, but you do have different options that youíre able to change and select.

  11. The next screen is your Required Media type, the options are Disc (which should be on hand before installation) GOG, Steam and Humble Trove.

  12. The next section is the Widescreen Resolution options, where there are 8 different options to choose from.

  13. The next screen gives you the option to create shortcuts on your desktop and or the quick launch bar.

  14. Next the last chance screen, before you install, you can go back and make any changes or continue to start the installation.

  15. Installation time.

  16. All files the DSUCP replaces are backed up beforehand, so if you uninstall, your XWA will be as you first installed it.

  17. If you choose to uninstall the DSUCP at any point, (be careful as you do not have the option to cancel), it will first delete all the files it has installed, then restore those files from the backup folder, and lastly delete the backup folder.

  18. If you're worried that when you create a pilot file, that you won't see all the craft in the craft library, I have supplied a pilot file called 'Temp' which shows all the craft. The only drawback to this is that all the missions have already been played. It's only there for one reason and that is to view all the craft in the craft library.

  19. International versions of X-Wing: Alliance use the XWA.tab & Launcher.tab files for your specific language, if the XWA.tab & Launcher.tab are found it will be renamed to XWAOrig.tab & LauncherOrig.tab, Sorry, but this was the only way I could think of to get around some changes I made to the original craft specs. So primarily the game will be in English. If or when you uninstall the DSUCP the XWAOrig.tab and LauncherOrig.tab file will be renamed back to their original names XWA.tab & Launcher.tab to restoring your language. If you want to play X-Wing: Alliance in your specific language you will have to rename XWAOrig.tab back to XWA.tab and then make the changes to the XWA.tab yourself.

  20. Before installing, I would suggest a fresh installation of XWA though this is not necessary as you can install this program on to a previously modified version of XWA as everything this program replaces is backed up first, without any harm done if you uninstall, as all it will do is replace it with your previous configuration.

  21. A NEW Planet.dat file was created by DTM, to use this file to it full extent creating new missions with Allied, he has created a Allied Planet Legend to guide you through the new images, which can be downloaded HERE

  22. Also replacement Allied ship txt files are available HERE, just copy and replace to "C:\Program Files (x86)\AlliED\"

  23. to Uninstall the DSUCPv2.6 you have 3 options
  • Uninstall from the Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features) in the Control Panel
  • Directly from your X-Wing Alliance folder and select the Uninstall DSUCPv2.6.exe
  • Run the DSUCPv2.6.exe again it detects if the DSUCPv2.6 has already been installed and gives you the option to uninstall it.
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    4.0   Skip Cutscene Options
    Don't you get sick of every time you run X-Wing: Alliance, it runs through that annoying cutscene?

    Want to get rid of it?

    Simply edit the shortcut on your desktop

    Right click on the shortcut and choose Properties

    In the target box you will see the line "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XWingAlliance\Alliance.exe"

    Replace it with this line "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XwingAlliance\XwingAlliance.exe" /skipintro

    and click on OK.

    5.0   Original Modified Mission Fix History

    The original Mission Fixes where modified by Ol (Oliver Monk) due to the rescaling of certain Craft, such as the SSD and Shuttle, or the addition of the Tie Advanced X1 and the Home One-Class Calamari Cruiser.

    Below is a list of changes to the missions:-

    1B0M4FW.tie = Container Gs' no longer overlap and destroy each other.
    1B1M1G.tie = ATR and SHU no longer crash into the Calamari Cruiser.
    1B1M4G.tie = Fighters no longer crash when docking.
    1B4M5B.tie = SSD size.
    1B4M6B.tie = SSD size, changed the Independence to the correct opt.
    1B5M2G.tie = FRG Jericho no longer destroyed by freighters.
    1B6M6B.tie = Changed the Independence to the correct opt.
    1B6M7FB.tie = Changed the Independence to the correct opt.
    1B7M1W.tie = SSD size, Changed the Independence to the correct opt.
    1B7M2W.tie = SSD size, Changed the Independence to the correct opt.
    1B7M3W.tie = Changed the Independence to the correct opt.

    Though the original missions where edited by Ol, fixes by others may have been made since, but recalling who they where has eluded me.

    SBDv2 Additional modifications made by the Mission Update Project Team, Please see Mission Update Changelog.docx
    6.0   New DLL Features

    Credit goes to Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr) for all the New DLL’s
    6.1   XWA DDraw D3D11
    - Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr)

    The New DDraw.dll requires:-
    - DirectX 11

    DSUCP will install two files, DDraw.dll and DDraw.cfg into your XWA root directory, DDraw.cfg is a Config file. Open it with a text editor for more details.

    For more info please read the following thread at xwaupgrade.com https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11167

    For a while now, new graphic drivers tend to not support the old Direct3D api. That is why XWA can display the following error message: "Unable to use 3D hardware; using software. Please check the troubleshooting guide to see if your 3D card is supported.". The purpose of this dll is to replace the old Direct3D api with a newest Direct3D api. Doing that, the 3D hardware mode is again available. It also contains a few performance/graphical improvements.
    6.2   TGSmush.dll
    - Defiant: his unfinished smush library which inspired Isildur
    - Isildur: author of XWA Cutscene Replacer (XCR)
    - Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr)

    The New TGSmush.dll requires:-
    - Windows XP SP2 or superior

    For more info please read the following thread at xwaupgrade.com https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11147

    Do you remember the TGSmush.dll made by Isildur?
    Before that, there was a dll made by Defiant.

    The first version of XCR played a video on a separate window using DirectShow. That caused Windows flickering.
    Isildur solved this problem with the second version of XCR by using lower level API. The player does not use a separate window, but instead sends each frame to the xwa exe engine. But since the xwa engine is 640x480 16 bits, XCR converts the video to that resolution.

    Sending each video frame to the exe is fine for the interface videos (like Marko.snm, Pod.snm or Techroom.snm) because the playing is smooth. But this was not a good solution for cutscenes (like Logofinal.snm) because the video resolution is restrained to 640x480 16-bits.

    Isildur was close to a solution that allows smooth playing and high resolution cutscenes, but the project was not finished.

    Jérémy’s New TGSmush.dll integrates Isildur's code into the new dll, it is used to play avi files whose resolution is lower 640x480

    a)      Supported formats are .snm (redirected to the original dll), .avi, and .wmv.
    b)      The video is played at fullscreen using the desktop resolution.
    c)       Internally, the dll uses DirectShow to play the video.
    d)      The aspect ratio is preserved and the video is centred to the screen.

    This new TgSmush.dll permits you to play high definition custom cutscenes. This dll includes the code of XWA Cutscene Replacer (XCR) written by Isildur.
    6.3   XWA Hooks
    - Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr)

    The New Dinput.dll requires:-
    - Windows XP SP2 or superior

    For more info please read the following thread at xwaupgrade.com https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11197

    XWA Hooks

    All Hooks included are upto date as of February 26, 2019

    The Craft Installers contains hooks created for X-Wing Alliance.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11772

    The Dinput.dll is the main dll hook that is used to call other hooks. A hook is a way to inject code into the exe.

    xwa_hook_main_no_dinput (Please Note: This is NOT included with the installers)
    If you use a custom Dinput.dll, it will conflict with this hook. In this case, use xwa_hook_main_no_dinput instead of xwa_hook_main.

    to download https://github.com/JeremyAnsel/xwa_hooks

    This hook adds starfield backdrops to skirmish mission and permits to replace .dat files for a given mission.

    This hook fixes countermeasures count when reloading.

    This hook increases the D3DTextures count limit. When there are more than 1624 textures, the game outputs "Not enough D3DTextures" and uses the last created texture. This hook fixes that.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11274

    This hook enables setting engine sound and weapon sound behaviour for any craft.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11746

    This hook permits to customize the hangars. The XWA's engine uses two hangar models, Hangar.opt and FamilyBase.opt. If you wanted to use a custom hangar, you had to replace one of them. You can now choose which hangar to use, customize the objects and the camera positions, for a specific craft or for a specific mission. You can also define which crafts appear in the craft selection menu.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11197

    This hook enables setting hull icon for any craft.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11761

    This hook permits to enable interdictor feature for any craft.

    This hook replaces a static buffer by a dynamic one in lightmaps loading.

    This hook permits to replace mission objects and to enable crafts turrets.

    This hook permits to override the data of mission files.

    This hook removes the opt limit of 512 vertices per mesh.

    This hook enables pilot meshes animation for any craft.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11695

    This hook replaces a static buffer with a dynamic one in initializing 2d buffer. It fixes a crash when resolution height > 1200 is used.

    This hook displays the screen resolution in the video options screen.

    This hook enables S-Foils for any craft.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11693

    This hook enables the SLAM system when the K key pressed.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12050

    This hook reduces the CPU usage and enables 60 FPS inflight.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11338 and https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12016

    This hook permits to define weapon color for any craft.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=156215#p156215

    This hook permits to define weapon decharge and recharge rates for any craft.

    This hook enables windowed mode.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=12061

    This hook enables setting wingmen voices for imperial IFF.

    See https://www.xwaupgrade.com/phpBB3008/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11770
    7.0   New Craft Empty Slot No.

    Author Slot Craft Author
    30 StarViper ** Tony Knightcrawler 112 AT-AT Barge Marco Antonio Malheiros
    33 TIE Phantom Darksaber 113 Quasar Escort Carrier Bios Boy
    34 E-Wing Type-C Saxman 114 Consular Cruiser DTM
    35 T-70 X-wing Spyder 116 Arquitens Light Cruiser DTM & Gammatron
    36 Eta-2 Actis Interceptor DTM 117 Venator Class Star Destroyer General Trageton
    37 Naboo N-1 Starfighter DTM 118 Valiant Class Cruiser General Trageton
    38 ARC-170 Starfighter Master Qui-Gon 119 Munificent Class Star Frigate General Trageton
    39 V-19 torrent Assault Fighter DTM 120 Recusant Class Light Destroyer General Trageton, EvilleJedi & Berruga
    40 TIE Lancer Darksaber 121 MC80B Mon Remonda type Star Cruiser JM & DTM
    41 Partisan X-Wing Darksaber 122 MC90 Defiance type Star Cruiser JM
    42 BTL-B Y-Wing (Clone Wars) DTM 123 MC104 Odysseus type Battlecruiser JM
    49 TIE Scimitar Darksaber 124 Acclamator I Class Assault Ship DTM & Berruga
    66 Moldy Crow Darksaber 125 Providence Class Carrier/Destroyer General Trageton
    67 Raven's Claw Darksaber 141 Modified Strike Cruiser ** Darksaber/TG
    68 Naboo J-Type Diplomatic Barge DTM 151 MC80 Reef Home type Star Cruiser JM & DTM
    69 Sith Infiltrator Darksaber 152 MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser JM & DTM
    70 Coruscant Heavy Courier DTM 183 Tycon Imperial Battlestation DTM
    86 Mining Guild TIE Fighter Darksaber 184 Predator Class Star Destroyer General Trageton
    87 R-22 Spearhead DTM 185 Vindicator Class Heavy Cruiser Flavid
    88 Special Forces TIE Fighter Darksaber 186 Ecliptic Star Frigate DTM
    89 First Order TIE Fighter Darksaber 187 Vengeance Battlecruiser MJT & DTM
    90 TIE Reaper General Trageton 188 Dominance Class Battlecruiser General Trageton
    103 Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor DTM 189 Warhammer Class Heavy Cruiser General Trageton
    104 Droid Tri-Fighter Berruga 190 Trade Federation Battleship Rebel, General Trageton & DTM
    108 Vulture Class Droid Starfighter Darksaber 191 Katana Class Warship DTM
    109 Droid Bomber Berruga 200 Homing Mine B ** Darksaber/TG
    ** = No Opt provided by TG
    8.0   XWAUP Craft NOT in the DSUCPv2.6

    Please Note: That once installed you DON'T have to install every other installer or patch out there,
    DSUCPv2.6 is up to date with ALL the below craft as of February 21, 2019.
    NEW Craft Author (s) Date Released Available From
    Cargo Facility 2 Warb_Null February 21, 2019 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Space Colony 1 General Trageton February 21, 2019 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated Assault Transport General Trageton February 21, 2019 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Assault Gunboat Matt & DTM January 7, 2019 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    CR90 Corvette andrew Barragan (Barraganap), Darksaber & Driftwood November 18, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated Firespray Attack Ship aka Slave1 DTM, Master Qui-Gon & Darksaber November 18, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    XQ5 Platform Warb_Null November 18, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Pinook Fighter Warb_Null November 18, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated Nebulon-B Frigate DTM & Master Qui-Gon October 1, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated Lambda Shuttle Darksaber & Driftwood July 30, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Satellites and Comm Relay Warb_Null July 30, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Rebel Platform Driftwood & Darksaber March 31, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated Luxury Yacht Master Qui-Gon, Darksaber & Driftwood March 15, 2018 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Imperial Research Center DTM March 07, 2018 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Pirate Ship Yard DTM April 20, 2017 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Z-95 Headhunter DTM February 1, 2016 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Assault Transport General Trageton June 7, 2015 Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    FerryBoat Liner DTM February 4, 2015 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    System Patrol Craft Marco Antonio Malheiros March 16, 2013 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Zero-G Trooper & Zero-G Space Worker Marco Antonio Malheiros August 28, 2012 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Scout Craft Marco Antonio Malheiros July 5, 2012 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Star Galleon Marco Antonio Malheiros June 19, 2012 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Industrial Complex Marco Antonio Malheiros June 8, 2012 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Home One-Class Calamari Cruiser JM & DTM April 18, 2012 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Corellian Transport YT-2400 "Dash Rendar's Outrider" v2.0 DTM March 31, 2012 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Corellian Transport YT-2000 DTM February 10, 2012 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Super Star Destroyer Dragon & General Trageton January 5, 2012 Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated Y-Wing Darksaber December 3, 2011 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Toscan Fighter v2 General Trageton November 18, 2011 Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Enforcement Ship (Slave II) Marco Antonio Malheiros September 23, 2011 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Cargo Facility 1 DTM September 6, 2011 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Escape Pod Deluxe Lehm February 19, 2011 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Mon Calamari Cruiser (Reef Home) JM & DTM March 19, 2008 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Medium Mon Calamari Cruiser JM & DTM March 07, 2008 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Winged Calamari Cruiser (LIberty) JM & DTM March 07, 2008 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Modified Nebulon B2 Frigate DTM January 10, 2008 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Nebulon B-class Frigate Master Qui-Gon October 10, 2007 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Razor Fighter L D Khatgar September 04, 2007 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Corellian Transport YT-2400 "Dash Rendar's Outrider" DTM September 03, 2007 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Skipray Blastboat Marco Antonio Malheiros June 24, 2007 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Escort Shuttle (UPDATED) Marco Antonio Malheiros June 04, 2007 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Carrack Cruiser General Ramos, Berruga, DTM, General Trageton & Darksaber May 31, 2007 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Lancer Frigate Axingus May 31, 2007 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    T-Wing Interceptor Berruga, Darksaber & JC March 6, 2007 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Loronar Strike Cruiser DTM October 7, 2006 MTD Industries
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Corellian Transport YT-1300 Master Qui-Gon & Darksaber June 17, 2006 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Millennium Falcon Master Qui-Gon & Darksaber June 17, 2006 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Asteroid Hangar Gringlas & Abolisher March 30, 2006 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Suprosa Bulk Freighter Marco Antonio Malheiros March 30, 2006 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Mole Miner Marco Antonio Malheiros February 4, 2006 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Probe Pod Master Qui-Gon December 16, 2005 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Cargo Ferry Marco Antonio Malheiros December 16, 2005 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Victory Class Star Destroyer 1 and 2 General Trageton December 3, 2005 Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Xiytiar Transport Berruga & KarmaQ3 October 26, 2005 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Escape Pod Master Qui-Gon August 13, 2005 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Freighter Type K Marco Antonio Malheiros July 29, 2005 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Space Colony 3 General Trageton April 23, 2005 Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Passenger Liner JM March 12, 2005 XWA Expansion Guide
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Heavy Lifter Gringlas March 1, 2005 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Freighter Type C Marco Antonio Malheiros February 1, 2005 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Freighter Type H Marco Antonio Malheiros January 5, 2005 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Firespray Attack Ship (Slave1) Master Qui-Gon December 28, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Victory Class Star Destroyer General Trageton December 24, 2004 Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Rebel Medium Transport Marco Antonio Malheiros November 14, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Luxury Yacht Master Qui-Gon November 13, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Upgraded ISDs Matt (Upgraded by Darksaber) October 19, 2004 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Modified Corvette Marcos Edson & Gringlas October 10, 2004 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Modified Action Transport JM, Zeelich & Gank September 5, 2004 XWA Expansion Guide
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated All TIE Experimentals (New Pilot Texture) Darksaber July 13, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Updated All TIE Fighters (New Pilot Texture) Darksaber July 13, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Corellian Corvette Berruga & Spaceboy June 18, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Stormtrooper Transport Darksaber & Gank June 5, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Space Colony 2 General Trageton May 10, 2004 Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Escort Carrier Col. Fishguts May 5, 2004 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Corellian Gunship Darksaber & Wraith1 May 2, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Planetery Fighter Marco Antonio Malheiros February 22, 2004 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Asteroids Abolisher February 18, 2004 X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    Cloakshape Fighter Marco Antonio Malheiros November 21, 2003 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    9.0   FAQ
    Q.: I've installed the DSUCPv2.6 without reading all this crap that might have helped me, now I have a problem, help me?
    A.: Your an idiot, and you should have read all this crap before installing the DSUCPv2.6!

    Q.: After I've install XWA then installed the DSUCPv2.6, the game asks for a new Pilot file before I can start even though I have a pilot file installed, what's going on?

    A.: This is a gliche caused by the Alliance.exe in both the GoG and Steam versions of XWA, you need to run either version prior to installing the DSUCPv2.6 to make sure your pilot file is installed correctly.

    Q.: When I install the DSUCPv2.6 the cutscenes are no longer working, all I hear is the sound but the screen is black?
    A.: This problem shouldn't happen it has been solved but if you still have a problem try downloading either the FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder or the K-Lite Codec Mega Pack, for those who have a 64 bit version of windows I also recommend you download the 64 bit version too.

    Q.: The DSUCPv2.6 asks me to insert XWA Disc 1 or Disc 2, but I don't have either Disc 1 or Disc 2 of X-Wing: Alliance?
    A.: You need both X-Wing: Alliance discs to install the DSUCPv2.6, without either you will not be able to continue the installation of the DSUCPv2.6.

    Q.: Why don't all the craft show in the tech room? I see all kinds of new opts like the LAAT or home one or the droid fighters in skirmish, but I don't see any of them in the tech room?
    A.: Basically it's because the custom craft aren't in any of the missions included with XWA. If they where in the missions, when playing they would be identified and then show up in the craft library. It's just because you have created a new pilot file. I'm not sure but if you play them in skirmish, then they may show in the craft library, but don't quote me on that. But I have supplied a pilot file called DSUCP which shows all the craft. The only drawback to this is that all the missions have already been played. It's only there for one reason and that is to view all the craft in the craft library.

    Q.: When I install the Slave One with Red Lasers, the Ion Can Gauges on the Hud are still Blue are the supposed to be Blue as the lasers fire Red?
    A.: There is nothing that can be done about the colour of the Ion Cannon Gauges on the Hud, if I change them to Red, then other craft that fire Ion Cannon will have the gauges as Red, sorry but XWA does let you switch between the two Colors, it's something you will have to live with.
    10.0   Enabling DirectPlay on Windows 8/8.1/10
    I came across this on the Steam Website for X-Wing Alliance, apparently they have released a patch that should address compatibility issues some users experienced while running X-Wing Alliance on Windows 10. Thatís it, it doesnít explain any more than that, but basically what the patch does is to Enable DirectPlay on your windows 8/8.1/10 so you can play older PC games, on the Steam version you will have redownload X-Wing: Alliance to get the new ďPatchĒ itís a batch file that automatically installs when installing the Steam version of XWA.

    What Iíve done though is to incorporate it into the DSUCP, so if your using Windows 8/8.1/10 the DSUCP will detect this and automatically enable your DirectPlay, or course if your using Windows 7 this will be bypassed as itís not necessary.

    Another way to enable your DirectPlay is to:-

    1.      Right click Start
    2.      Click Programs and Features
    3.      Click Turn Windows features on or off
    4.      Make sure there is a check in Legacy Components
    5.      Click the + to expand
    6.      Check the box for DirectPlay
    7.      Click Ok, window should automatically update
    8.      If DirectPlay is checked then itís already enabled

    Or if you want some visual help there are a couple of videos on Youtube Here or Here that guides you through the process.

    The video does mention that some users are reporting errors while trying to enable DirectPlay have had success by disabling their antivirus and or Skype first. Some antivirus, such as Kaspersky and the newer Avast, do not let the user make changes to their system while they are enabled.
    11.0   Contributors
    I've contacted most of the contributors before this program was constructed, all responded giving consent to use their items. The only person I couldn't get a reply from was MJT, I can only presume that the email address I had for MJT wasn't a functional address. Also I had no way of contacting Manik or Hernàn Barreiro for permission, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind there work being used.

    Thank you so much for all your contributions.

    If, I have forgotten anyone or any craft I apologize beforehand.

    James Lupiani (Defiant):
    XWSetup for NSIS
    Website: Flying Temple

    Tony Denton (Darksaber):
    Installer Design & Scripting

    NSIS Team:
    Nullsoft Install System
    With special thanks to:-
    Afrow UK
    Joost Verburg
    Amir Szekely aka KiCHiK

    For all their problem solving tips
    Website: NSIS Development Site

    Super Backdrops v2.0

    Dat Files & Modified Missions
    JeremyFr (Jérémy Ansel)
    XWA Texture Offsets
    Mission Update Project Team

    DAT File Special Effects Kiarand

    Kiarand's Special Effects
    Particles.dat ( Red or Blue)

    - Hyperspace
    - Ion and laser cannon hit (both on shielded and unshielded targets)
    - Disabled effect
    - Jamming effect
    - Tractor beam effect
    - Flames and smoke when hit
    - Particles when a craft explodes
    - Explosions
    - Internal cockpit sparks (Red or Blue)
    - Sparks caused by laser shots

    Wave Effect Files

    BMan, Wes Janson, Ace Antilles & Cornhelium
    Various edited wave files

    Imperial X-Wing Alliance

    Darksaber & Michal:
    Avi Animations

    Darksaber & Michal:
    Dat Files

    Darksaber, Michal & Ol
    CBM Files

    Website: Czech X-Wing Series Site

    Website: Tie Fighter total Conversion

    Special thank you to Michal Tajcner and Oliver (Ol) Monk for allowing me to include the Imperial Concourse items in the Ultimate Craft Pack

    Ultimate Craft Pack Additions

    Craft Dat Files

    CBM Files

    Model Author's and Craft Names

    Asteroid Hangar, Retextured TG OPTS Asteroid Laser Battery, Asteroid Warhead Launcher

    Abolisher & Marcus Edson:
    AsteroidHR1, AsteroidHR2, AsteroidHR3, AsteroidHR4, AsteroidHR5, AsteroidHR6

    Admiral andy:
    Supa Fighter, Utility Tug, Mobquet Transport, MC40a Lulsa type Light Cruiser, Mine A, Mine B, Mine C

    Lancer-class Frigate

    Droid Bomber

    Berruga & General Ramos:
    Carrack-class Light Cruiser

    Berruga & KarmaQ3:
    Xiytiar-class Transport

    Bios Boy:
    Quazer Fire-class Carrier Cruiser

    Col. Fishguts:
    ton-Falk-class Escort Carrier

    RZ-1 A-Wing, A/SF-01 B-Wing, T-65C A2 X-Wing, Partisan X-Wing, Red Leader X-Wing, Red 2 X-Wing, Red 3 X-Wing, Red 4 X-Wing, Red 5 X-Wing, Red 6 X-Wing, TIE Phantom, TIE Lancer, Mining Guild TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter FO, TIE Fighter SF, Scimitar Assault Bomber, Vulture-class Droid Starfighter, Sith Infiltrator, CRF-156T Fast Courier (Raven's Claw), CEC HWK-290 (Moldy Crow), Dreadnaught, Assault Frigate, Azzameen Family Base, Calamari Hangar, All Lasers Tweaked TG Craft : Bulk Cruiser, Homing Mines A & B
    Website: Darksaber's X-Wing Station

    Darksaber & Berruga
    T-Wing Interceptor

    Darksaber & Decoy:
    BTL-A4 Y-Wing, TIE Advanced X1, Tie Avenger, TIE Bomber, TIE Defender, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bizarro, TIE BigGun, TIE Warhead, TIE Bomb, TIE Booster

    Darksaber & Driftwood:

    Lambda Shuttle, CR90 Corellian Corvette, Rebel Platform

    Darksaber & JC:
    Container Transport

    Darksaber & Wraith1:
    Corellian Gunship

    Darksaber & Wraith1 & M&M:
    Preybird Fighter

    Data Droid:
    Marauder Corvette

    Dragon & General Trageton:
    Super Star Destroyer

    BTL-B Y-Wing (Clone Wars), Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor, Eta-2 Actis Interceptor, Naboo N-1 Starfighter, R-22 Spearhead, V-19 torrent Fighter, Z-95 Headhunter, Corellian Transport YT-2000 (Otana), Corellian Transport YT-2400 (Outrider), Coruscant Heavy Courier, Naboo J-Type Diplomatic Barge, Ferryboat Liner, C70 Charger Frigate, Acclamator I-class Assault Ship, Ecliptic Star Frigate, Katana Battleship, Nebulon B Frigate, Nebulon B-2 Frigate, Strike-class Medium Cruiser, Cargo Facility 1, Pirate Ship Yard, Tycon Imperial Battlestation
    Website: MTD Industries

    DTM & Gammatron:
    Arquitens-class Light Cruiser

    EvilJedi & Berruga:
    Droid Tri-Fighter

    Immobilizer 418-class Interdictor Cruiser, Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser

    Flavid & Darksaber:
    R-41 Starchaser

    Gank & Darksaber:
    Delta-class Dx-9 Stormtrooper Transport

    General Trageton:
    TIE Reaper, toscan Fighter, Assault Transport, Dominance-class Battlecruiser, Munificent-class Star Frigate, Predator-class Star Destroyer, Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, Valiant-class Cruiser, Venator-class Star Destroyer, Victory I-class Star Destroyer, Victory II-class Star Destroyer, Warhammer-class Heavy Cruiser, Space Colony 1, Space Colony 2, Space Colony 3, Death Star II Hangar, Imperial Hangar
    Website: Vince T's Modding HQ

    General Trageton & DTM:
    Trade Federation Battleship

    General Trageton, EvilleJedi & Berruga:
    Recusant-class Light Destroyer

    Gringlas & Marcos Edson:
    Modified Corvette, Modular Conveyor, Class-F Cargo Container, Class-G Cargo Container, Class-H Cargo Container, Class-I Cargo Container, Class-J Cargo Container, Class-K Cargo Container, Class-L Cargo Container

    Bulk Freighter, Class-A Cargo Container, Class-B Cargo Container

    Authority IRD, Modified Action Transport, Passenger Liner, MC90 Defiance type Star Cruiser, MC104 Odysseus type Battlecruiser
    Website: XWA Expansion Guide

    JM & DTM:
    MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser, MC80 Reef Home type Star Cruiser, MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser, MC80A Chatnoir type Star Cruiser, MC80B Mon Remonda type Star Cruiser
    Website: MTD Industries

    L D Khatgar:
    Razor Fighter

    Escape Pod Deluxe

    Muurian Transport

    Marco Antonio Malheiros:
    Cloakshape Fighter, Planetary Fighter, Skipray Blastboat, Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship, Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle, Scout Craft, System Patrol Craft, Cargo Ferry, Freighter Type C, Freighter Type H, Freighter Type K, Suprosa Bulk Freighter, GR-75 Medium Transport, AT-AT Transport Barge, Star Galleon, Mole Miner, Industrial Complex, Zero-G Assault Stormtrooper, Zero-G Utility Worker

    Marcus Edson:
    Class-C Cargo Container, Class-D Cargo Container, Class-E Cargo Container, Proximity Mine A, Proximity Mine B

    Master Qui-Gon:
    Escape Pod, Probe Capsule

    Master Qui-Gon, Darksaber & Driftwood
    Luxury Yacht

    Master Qui-Gon & Darksaber:
    Millennium Falcon, Corellian Transport YT-1300, ARC-170 Starfighter

    Master Qui-Gon, Darksaber & DTM:
    Firespray Attack Ship (Slave One)

    Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Missile Boat, All Missiles

    Matt & DTM:
    Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Assault Gunboat

    Sentinel Landing Craft

    MTJ & DTM:
    Vengeance Battlecruiser
    Website: MTD Industries

    E-Wing Type-C

    T-70 X-Wing

    Tony Knightcrawler:


    Pinook Fighter, Cargo Facility 2, XQ5 Platform, Comm Relay, Satellite 1, Satellite 2, Satellite 3

    totally Games and LucasArts
    Various original craft tweaked and upgraded

    DATech Pictures

    CBM Image

    Other Contributors
    James Lupiani
    XWSetup Module for NSIS

    NSIS Team
    Nullsoft Install System
    Website: NSIS Development Site

    Derek del Rio
    Optechv1.1, Opt Enhancer
    Website: XvT Technologies

    Jérémy Ansel (JérémyaFr)
    Optechv2.0, XwAOptEditor, XwADatEditor, XwACBM Editor, Zt Creator, Zt Patcher, XwAHookSetup, XwAExePatcher

    Patrick Darbon
    DATech, MapIcon

    XWA Dat Customizer

    Michael anderson

    D. V. Souza
    Bin Hex Edit BHE98

    and many others

    For all your XWA Utilities, Editors, Tutorials

    Please Visit

    Darksaber's X-Wing Station

    Very special thanks to
    X-Wing: Alliance Upgrade Team
    James Lupiani
    Pascal Bos
    Simon Vincent
    and all the members of the XWAUP Forums
    Website: X-Wing Alliance Upgrade
    and all the people that visit

    Darksaber's X-Wing Station

    Thank You
    12.0   Known Issues
    Due to the some craft incorporating LOD's and all craft having there Software Vectors zeroed there is a compatibility issue, they will only work in hardware mode in-game, try to use them in software mode and the game may crash to desktop. A survey was prepared on the XWAUP forums and was found that 99% of members taking part in the survey used Hardware mode.
    13.0   End-User License Agreement
    Copyright © 1999 Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    All rights reserved.

    This Software is provided by the copyright holders and contributors 'as-is', and any express or implied warranties. Including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall the regents or contributors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this Software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

    By Installing, you expressly acknowledge that the use of the Software is at your sole risk and you agree to the following conditions:-

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    7. By using this Software, you are agreeing to all the terms of this license.

    8. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.

    Have Fun!

    Direct Draw fix for STAR WARS®: X-Wing Alliance
    The MIT License (MIT)

    Copyright © 2014 Jérémy Ansel

    Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

    The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

    14.0   DSUCPv2.6 Download


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