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Razor Fighter
Model by: L D Khatgar
Textures by: L D Khatgar
Opted by: L D Khatgar
Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks Razor Fighter v1.3

The Razor-class starfighter was a product of Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks, manufactured shortly before Alderaan's destruction. It was meant to succeed the R-41 Starchaser and was used by many corporate security forces, including the Viraxo family, as it was cheap and reliable.

It's thought by many to be one of the finest fighters of its period, equalling the X-Wing in most areas. If history had gone slightly differently, with Incom not defecting, and spares not being so rare after Alderaans destruction, then the Razor could have become the standard fighter of the Rebel Alliance.

Most Razors have had to be adapted to use non-standard parts, and although this increases their down time for maintanence, these fighters still have a very good record for reliabilitys, and their use of non-military restricted weaponry (eg their use of Concussion Missiles rather than Proton torpedoes), means that they are often cheaper to keep operational than other front-line military fighters.

The craft had shields, a hyperdrive, wingtip dual lasers, dual ion cannon on the nose, and 2 launchers which carried 4 concussion missiles each. It was average in combat, as the shielding was fairly poor for a craft of its size. The saving grace of the Razor-class was a good top speed with which to escape from its enemies.

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