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Delta Class Dx-9 Stormtrooper Transport
Original Model by: Gank
Converted Model by: Darksaber
Textures by: Gank
Additional Textures by: Darksaber
Opted by: Darksaber

Delta Class Dx-9 Stormtrooper Transport

The Telgorn's Dx-9 Transport, also known as a Stormtrooper Transport, is primarily used by the Empire for starship boarding actions and transporting priority personnel. The bulky Dx-9 carries a powerful array of weaponry that includes two quad laser cannons, a quad Ion cannon and a pair of proton torpedo launchers. The torpedo launchers each have a magazine of 8 and are mounted on the front of the engine housing. The pilot and co-pilot control the torpedo launchers, whilst the three gunners control the other weaponry.

The Dx-9 is propelled by two Telgorn L3 Ion engines, which are quite fast considering the age of their design, that are mounted on upper left and upper right sides of the starship.

Dx-9s have a number of airlocks so that the transport can dock with virtually anything and still allow access for its passengers. Dx-9s usually have forward, rear dorsal and ventral airlocks for the greatest amount of flexibility. Each airlock is equipped with magnetic and mechanical clamps providing the Dx-9 with a versatile docking capability.

Due to their durability, offensive/defensive capabilities and hyperdrive a number of the DX-9s have had their passenger area converted into additional cargo space and are used to ferry priority cargo for the Empire. Their success has led to the Alliance 'acquiring' a number of these very useful starships.
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