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The Emperor's Fortress

The Emperor's Fortress is a custom space station. It consists of a fusion reactor power generator attached to a main administrative and living complex. There are two docking arms, which radiate out near the main "city" complex.

The original Dxf was by Rebel a excellent DXF maker, with a few changes and the textures by yours truly.

Also download the AlliED flight group library by "Rebel" which places four ISD's by the docking clamps.

NOTE: The Emperor's Fortress is in the 220 slot in the Allied library file and users should change the ship in Allied to whatever number they have the Emperors Fortress installed/replaced in the Shiplist.txt.


Shielded Spaceport

The Shielded Spaceport is a unique station situated on the rim of the Athega System. The Spaceport is approximately 3.8km long. The largest of its three hangars can comfortably accommodate 2 or 3 Lt Mon Calamari Cruisers.

Though the Spaceport has no weapons, up to four squadrons of fighters reside at the station at all times.

The size of the shield is necessary to block the searing rays of Athega's super hot sun, which can destroy stations or ships that are only fitted with a standard shield system. The shield has thick amour plating honeycombed with coolant chambers to keep the outer surface from melting. The back of the shield has immense tubes to vent the scorching heat. The shadow behind the shield is the protected area for incoming ships as well as the rest of the station.

The Spaceports primary function is to repair and maintain ships coming and going through the system. The main concourse hosts such establishment as hotels, casinos, restaurants and bars. The crew quarters are situated in the structural pylons, though small they are very comfortable.

Like most large stations its a hive for rogues, smugglers and gamblers. Talking of gamblers the spaceport is half owned by Lando Calrissian, from where he operates a mining colony on the planet Nkllon. Nkllon is so hot that it is only habitable on the dark side. However, its mineral resources are too valuable to pass up, especially for Lando, once Nomad City was up and running it was making a profit of nearly 10 million credits a year. As well as the Spaceport, Lando owns twelve "Shieldships" similar in all aspect to the station, itself.

The success of the mining operation and the strong connections with the New Republic made the Spaceport and Nomad City a prime target for Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces. Thrawn's second attack on Nomad City destroyed its drive units and long-range communications; Star Destroyers attacked the station and disabled all but one of the Shieldships.

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